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The retailer is still offering support and services to existing solar customers. The details below should be treated as historical information only.

Infinite Energy primarily operates as one of Australia’s largest solar power companies, selling and installing solar systems and accessories. It also retails electricity, solar and gas to businesses in Perth and south-west WA .

Its residential solar solutions are available throughout Australia, however majority of its installations are concentrated in Brisbane and Perth. Business customers across most capital cities can also choose Infinite Energy for their solar needs. Infinite Energy says it has a ‘quality-first’ approach to solar and claims to provide first-class customised designs, the highest standard of solar installation and dedicated after-sale service.

Infinite Energy is also one of Australia’s few authorised resellers of the popular Tesla Powerwall and is also part of a growing group of Clean Energy Council approved solar retailers. In this review, Canstar Blue takes a closer look at Infinite Energy products and services, particularly focusing on solar.

Infinite Energy Products

Infinite Energy is a one-stop-shop for all things renewable. It offers solar panels, batteries, solar hot water systems, heat pumps and even electric-vehicle charging stations. One of the company’s slogan is that its ‘reputation lies on installing top quality systems configured for the best result’.

Solar Panels

Infinite Energy says that after extensive research, it has narrowed down two solar panel brands that it believes offer the best quality, reliability and durability for customers. These brands are Sunpower and CanadianSolar. Infinite Energy says these brands are chosen for their tier 1 brand name status, significant presence in the Australian market and their proven performance in harsh Australian conditions.

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a sophisticated piece of electrical equipment. It turns the DC electricity from your solar panels into usable AC electricity. It is a vital component in a solar system, so quality is important. There’s plenty of solar inverter manufacturers on the market, but Infinite Energy recommend three in particular – Fronius, SMA and Solar Edge.

Solar Batteries

Infinite Energy offers a few types of solar battery, each available in a range of storage capacities to suit your needs. These batteries include the Fronius battery, LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall.

  • Fronius: The Fronius battery is available in six sizes: 4.5kWh, 6.0kWh, 7.5kWh, 9.0kWh. 10.5kWh and 12kWh. Fronius storage batteries are famous for their guaranteed long service life, however they only compatible with select solar systems and inverters.
  • LG Chem: The LG Chem comes with either 7kWh or 10kWh storage capacity. These batteries have long cycle lives and low maintenance, but are only compatible with string inverter systems.
  • Tesla Powerwall: While Infinite Energy offers both the original Powerwall and the Powerwall 2, the original is a bit out-dated and virtually everyone opts for Powerwall 2. Compared to its predecessor, the Powerwall 2 has double the storage (14kWh compared to 7kWh) for a cheaper price tag – $9,600 plus installation costs.
  • SonnenBatterie: The German battery brand comes with a 2kWh usable battery capacity, as well as a warranty of 10 years.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Hot water is a major contributor to your electricity bill, so going solar could be a great way to save. Infinite Energy offers the two main types of solar hot water systems – Evacuated Tubes and Flat Plate. Evacuated Tubes are generally considered more effective, but are only suitable for certain roof types.

Heat Pump Systems

Infinite Energy also sells and installs heat pump hot water systems. Heat pumps are essentially refrigerators in reverse, using small amounts of electricity to pump the heat in and the cold out. Heat pumps use more energy than a solar hot water system, but they’re much more efficient than traditional systems.

Solar Monitoring

Most solar systems these days are compatible with monitoring technologies that allow customers track solar system performance, calculate energy savings, control storage unit and much more. Infinite Energy provides a range of monitoring solutions from providers such as SMA, Fronius and Greensense. Infinite Energy can help you work out which monitoring tool is the most appropriate based on your solar setup.

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Electricity Retail

As mentioned at the start of this review, Infinite Energy is also a Western Australia business electricity retailer. While most customers on the South-West Interconnected System in WA are signed up with Synergy, high-usage customers are deemed ‘contestable’ and can choose a retailer for themselves – including Infinite Energy. It’s speculated that the south-west Australian electricity market will be deregulated in coming years and that residential customers can then choose their retailer. If you want to know more, then head over to the Infinite Energy website and register your interest in its residential electricity retail.

Want to know more?

The Infinite Energy website has everything you could possibly want to know about its solar products, including guides, blog posts and FAQs. Of course, if you’re looking for more information about solar in general, Canstar Blue has got you covered. Check out the link below for more information on solar, as well as our customer satisfaction ratings on leading solar companies.

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