Pacific Hydro Review


Pacific Hydro is a 100% renewable energy generator, with no less than 15 wind farms and four hydroelectricity plants across Australia. The company also acts as an electricity retailer to homes and small businesses in South Australia and Victoria.

Pacific Hydro customers should be aware, however, that while the company is a renewable energy generator, as a retailer, its electricity products come from the National Electricity Market just like all other energy retailers. This electricity comes from both renewable and non-renewable sources.

What does Pacific Hydro offer?

Pacific Hydro’s energy deals are not available to households or businesses with a solar PV system. Customers without solar are offered two plans – ‘Smart’ and ‘Flex’.

  • Home Smart & Business Smart: This is Pacific Hydro’s market offer electricity contract. Pacific Hydro says this deal includes its best rates as well as no exit fees, credit card fees or late payment fees.
  • Home Flex & Business Flex: This is Pacific Hydro’s standing offer (i.e. a government regulated deal). Flex customers are generally charged higher rates, but there are no fixed terms or exit fees.

Victorian homes and businesses are offered both the Flex and Smart energy deals, while South Australians only have access to Pacific Hydro’s standing offer. These plans do not include any conditional discounts and residential customers do not have GreenPower options.

Note that these plans only apply to small business customers. Large businesses with an annual electricity expense of $30,000 or more will need to contact Pacific Hydro to organise a tailored energy solution.

Finding the best retailer for you

Pacific Hydro’s electricity offerings are not packed with the sort of features or gimmicks that you get with most other retailers, with the company seemingly opting for a more straightforward approach to energy retail. While Pacific Hydro claims to offer competitive rates, it’s important to review energy providers regularly to ensure you’re receiving the best deal on electricity.

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