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Is your pride and joy car due for a service? Does it need a new set of tyres, or are you maybe interested in getting a ‘new set of wheels’ altogether? We’ve compared many brands with our customer satisfaction ratings, and you can find these results below.

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Cheerful woman sitting in a car holding new car keys.

Drive a hard bargain when you buy a new car

Canstar Blue research shows that the vast majority of consumers who haggle over price secure money off their new vehicle.

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which bike to buy

Get on your bike: But which one?

Road bikes, commuter bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes – how do you know which one to buy? Read our review for a complete guide of bicycles.

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traffic collision

What to do after a traffic accident

When you have a collision with another car on the road, things can easily get heated. Here is a 10 step guide to keeping cool and doing the right thing.

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baby belt buckle

Baby on board: How to pick the right car seat

Before buying a car seat for your baby, there are certain rules you need to be aware of. Canstar Blue has your complete guide to buying a baby car seat.

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car tyre course

How to find the best value car tyres

The first step to finding the best value car tyres is to decide which type of tyre you want. Here is a guide to different types of tyres.

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