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Is your pride and joy car due for a service? Does it need a new set of tyres, or are you maybe interested in getting a ‘new set of wheels’ altogether? We’ve compared many brands with our customer satisfaction ratings, and you can find these results below.

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How much are Aussies spending on fuel?

Ever wondered if you’re spending a lot at the pump? The facts and figures might shock you. See how much Aussies spend on fuel with Canstar Blue.

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Who brews the best service station coffee?

A cup of coffee can be a great way to kick-start your day, especially when you’re driving. But where can you find the best cup at a servo?

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What are the best fuel discount programs?

Petrol isn’t exactly cheap, so a loyalty program from a fuel station may be able to save you a few bucks. Compare them with Canstar Blue.

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How to find a service station near you

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Motorbike helmet road safety

Motorcycle helmets: The legal standards

Every motorcyclist needs to wear a helmet to ride, but what exactly are the legal standards?

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