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Are Australian roads dangerous for motorcyclists?

The majority of Aussie motorcycle riders believe the country’s roads are dangerous for them – yet one in four admit regularly taking risks, a Canstar Blue survey found. So it begs the questions: Why do they …

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motorcycle glove holding handlebar

How do my motorcycle gloves protect me?

Not everyone wears protective gear, particularly in Australia, where it can get far too hot to wear an extra layer of clothing. Gloves could be the first thing to go when it warms up – they’re …

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Yellow motorcycle glove holding bike handle

Types of motorcycle gloves

Not all motorcycle gloves are created equal; in fact, that is the whole point of having different types of gloves. One glove is not necessarily suitable for every type of riding, so it is necessary …

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Woman wearing motorcycle gloves

The cost of motorcycle gloves

When it comes to motorcycle gloves, few riders seem to automatically go for the cheapest brands – that is what consumers have said to us through the Canstar Blue survey of more than 400 motorbike …

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Motorbike accident

The most common injuries from motorcycle accidents

By law, motorcycle riders are required to wear safety gear in order to reduce the impact of an accident. However, they do still happen, and often result in the same injuries. Broken legs and road rash …

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