Kmart launches latest silly season kitchen appliances range

Kmart launches latest silly season kitchen appliances range

Looking to impress your guests with a jolly spread this Christmas?  Kmart just launched a new festive line of kitchen appliances, including a $39 benchtop pizza maker and frozen drink maker! Check out the range below. Please note that Kmart’s red Anko products are only available seasonally at the department store or online.

Churros Maker − $15

Churros maker Kmart

You can prepare delicious churros for the whole family with this Anko churros maker. It’s super easy to use and comes with a ‘power’ and ‘ready’ light indicator, an automatic temperature control knob, and non-stick coating plates for easy cleaning. It can cook up to four churros at a time in less than 10 minutes!

Chocolate Fountain − $25

Kmart chocolate fountain

Kmart’s Anko chocolate fountain is the perfect centrepiece for your dessert table. This three-tier model is easy to use and features only an ‘off’ and ‘heat’ switch to create a cascade of melting chocolate (it can hold up to 290g) for dipping fruits, marshmallows, pretzels, mini cakes, mini doughnuts, and pretty much anything else your heart desires. It comes equipped with a thermostat to keep your mixture at optimal temperature and a safety fuse for safe operation.

Crepe Maker − $25

Kmart crepe maker

‘Oh crepe’ − this Kmart Anko crepe maker machine is the real deal! It can help you prepare sweet and savoury crepes at the turn of a button. It features an adjustable temperature dial with light and dark settings to help you achieve your preferred browning level, a large non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning, plus a batter spreading wooden T-shaped tool and wooden turning paddle to help you fold your crepes in half and serve.

Pizza Maker − $39

Kmart pizza maker

There’s aren’t too many benchtop pizza makers out there, which means this Anko Kmart pizza maker is somewhat of a rare find. What’s more, it can be used to whip up omelettes, quiches, pies, crepes and to barbecue meats! It features variable temperature controls, ‘on’ and ‘ready’ indicators, overheating protection, a cool-touch handle, a non-stick plate, anti-slip feet, and an upper and low plate with a flat surface.

Cotton Candy Maker − $39

Kmart cotton candy maker

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this Anko cotton candy maker is sure to satisfy your cravings. It’s designed to help you make fluffy candy floss at home, using just sugar and nothing else! It comes with an on/off switch with light, an extractor head and accessories like a transparent rim, white bowl, and a long handle plastic spoon to whip up your candy floss without the mess. Pretty sweet!

Frozen Drink Maker − $39

Frozen Drink Maker Kmart

Nothing says ‘party time’ like a frosty margarita or slushie. This Kmart frozen drink maker can also make snow cones and features two shaving settings to produce a finer or coarser ice texture, a stainless steel cutting blade, and a metallic red exterior with chrome knobs and lines to make your kitchen décor pop.

Theatre Popcorn Maker − $59

Theatre Popcorn Maker Kmart

You can take your Christmas movie marathons to the next level with this popcorn maker. It works just like an air fryer and makes popcorn by hot air circulation with no added oils for a healthier snack. It features motorised stirring rods for even popping, a stainless steel popping chamber, an illuminating lamp with a theatrical effect, and a built-in crank to empty the kettle popping chamber easily.

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How do Aussies rate Kmart Anko appliances?

Kmart’s own brand has previously performed well in some of Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings, namely as the top brand for air fryers, and a solid performer for other kitchen appliances like slow cookers and kettles. Kmart’s Anko was also rated highly by consumers for clothes irons. Where Aussies didn’t rate Kmart Anko too well, however, is for portable heaters and blenders, where the brand trailed at the bottom of our customer satisfaction ratings.

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