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Enova Energy Review

Enova Energy made history in 2016, becoming Australia’s very first community-owned energy retailer. It received an overwhelmingly positive reception and has already expanded from the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales to the entire Essential Energy Network which spans most of rural NSW.

The company says its central focus is promoting renewable energy and giving back to the community with a flexible and reliable retail service. Enova Energy’s website says it will reinvest 50 per cent of its profits directly back to the community, and has established a separate ‘not-for-profit’ branch of the company to sponsor community events and engage in green-energy education programs.

What does Enova Energy offer?

Enova Energy has four residential and one business market offers at the time of writing. All Enova Energy electricity deals have a 12 month benefit period, no exit fees, monthly billing and email correspondence.

Enova Energy Residential offers

Enova Energy’s range of market offers includes the Economy, Solar Plus, RDI and GreenPower. While each plan has unique features, all Enova Energy residential plans charge the same usage and supply rates according to Enova’s energy price factsheets.


This is Enova Energy’s most basic deal and includes a 13% discount on usage charges when customers pay their bill on time.  Solar customers will also receive Enova’s standard 6c/kWh feed-in tariff for exported solar.

Solar Plus

This deal is marketed towards customers who are looking to get the most out of their solar. It includes a 5% pay on time discount on usage charges, as well as a generous 12c/kWh feed-in tariff.

Renewable Development Initiative (RDI)

This plan is very similar to Enova Energy’s Economy plan. The only notable difference with the RDI plan is that instead of receiving a 13% discount on your usage charges, that discount is instead donated to support community energy projects.


Many retailers, including Enova Energy, offer ‘GreenPower’ plans. When a customer is signed up to this plan, Enova Energy will purchase electricity from renewable sources equivalent to 20%, 50% or 100% of their usage. Customers on the 20% GreenPower plan will receive a 5% discount on usage charges when they pay on time, though this discount isn’t available for 50% and 100% GreenPower customers.

Customers on the 50% GreenPower plan will also be charged an extra $1 per week, while those who opt for 100% GreenPower are charged a few extra cents per kWh.

Enova Energy Business offers

Enova Energy only has one business market offer – the Enova Business Economy Plus. This plan is essentially all of the residential offers rolled into one. It has a 16% pay on time discount and an optional $5 per week donation to the RDI for community energy projects. Customers can even have 50% or 100% of their electricity sourced by GreenPower at an additional cost. On top of all this, Enova Business Economy Plus customers receive a 10c/kWh Feed-in Tariff for exported solar.

Is Enova Energy right for me?

While Enova Energy offers competitive prices, this retailer is specifically marketed toward like-minded customers who want to minimise their environmental impact, boost the local economy and give back to the community. At the end of the day, your choice of electricity retailer will largely come down to personal preference. You can see what fellow NSW electricity customers think of their retailer with Canstar Blue’s customer review and ratings.

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