Do your motorcycle tyres meet legal standards?


Your tyres are the only thing connecting you and your motorcycle to the road, so it’s incredibly important that you comply with Australia’s legal tyre safety standards – for your own protection and that of others.

However, a Canstar Blue survey has found that a significant number of motorcycle riders are potentially putting themselves and other road-users in harm’s way by ignoring – or simply being ignorant of – those safety requirements.

Our survey of more than 700 motorcyclists found:

  • 27% don’t know what legal tyre safety standards are
  • 27% have ridden on tyres they suspect were below legal standards
  • 31% have been fearful of an accident because of riding on worn tyres
  • 18% don’t know how to check if they need new tyres

So if you’re one of those in the dark over legal tyre standards, here is what you should know:


It is your responsibility to ensure the tyres fitted to your motorcycle are the correct size and have the correct load and speed rating for that bike. Regardless of the size and type of tyre fitted to your motorcycle, all tyres must have a clearly visible tread pattern and a minimum tread depth of 1.5mm.

Most tyres have tread wear indicators moulded into the base of the main grooves. When the tread surface has been worn down to the same level as these indicators, that tyre should be replaced.

Types of tyres

It is illegal to ride your motorcycle on public roads if your tyres are not suitable for those surfaces. If your motorcycle is fitted with tyres marked ‘not for highway use’ or have a marking indicating the same, it cannot be used on public roads or other road-related areas. In addition, tyres cannot be fitted with cleats or any other gripping devices that could cause damage to the road.

It is recommended that you only fit tyres of the same size and specification as those originally fitted to your bike by the manufacturer.

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