Ellie McInerney

Ellie McInerney Ellie McInerney is a professional writer who specialises in health and fitness. With a background in personal training and a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, Ellie loves using the written word to help inspire others to achieve their healthiest, happiest self.

Sugar and Shakes

Shakes and sugar: Why they don’t go together

Posted by February 2nd 2021

Weight loss and protein shakes can be good for you, but they can also pack in a load of sugar. Find out which are the best bet if you want to avoid sugar.

goji berry

Is it time you got to know goji berries?

Posted by March 17th 2022

What are goji berries? What are the health benefits of eating them? Find out everything you could want to know about goji berries.


Spirulina: The green nutrient-packed machine

Posted by March 17th 2022

What is spirulina? Is it good for you? Canstar Blue has ground out the details, so find out everything you could want to know about spirulina.

Why you need to eat flaxseeds

Posted by March 17th 2022

What are flaxseeds? Where do they come from? How can you use them? Read Canstar Blue’s review of flaxseeds for all the answers.

Healthy Frozen Meal Guide

A guide to healthy frozen meals

Posted by November 30th 2020

Freezer meals are usually considered unhealthy, but there are now a great number of healthy frozen options. Compare brands and find the best at Canstar Blue.

Are chocolate spreads bad for you?

Are chocolate spreads bad for you?

Posted by March 17th 2022

Nutella is a family favourite in many households, but should you be eating it every day? We compare popular chocolate spreads on their fat and sugar content.

Why chocolate can be GOOD for your diet

Posted by February 24th 2022

Far from being your worst enemy, Ellie McInerney explains why chocolate can actually be your best friend when you're trying to lose weight.