Ellie McInerney

Ellie McInerney Ellie McInerney is a qualified personal trainer and wellness coach, and has studied TV presenting at NIDA. Combining her degree in professional writing and publishing with her love of all things health, Ellie is a blogger and gym junkie and always happy to try out the latest products in the health and fitness industry.

Sugar and Shakes

Shakes and sugar: Why they don’t go together

Posted by October 23rd 2019

Weight loss and protein shakes can be good for you, but they can also pack in a load of sugar. Find out which are the best bet if you want to avoid sugar.

Rapid Loss weight loss shakes reviewed

Posted by May 28th 2019

Rapid Loss promises to keep you filling full up for longer, helping you lose those excess kilos. Find out everything you need to know about Rapid Loss.

Optifast VLCD Reviewed

Optifast very low calorie diet review

Posted by May 29th 2019

Optifast is designed for people who are in danger of weight-related illnesses. Find out what the Optifast program involves and if it works at Canstar Blue.

lose weight with slim right

Could you lose weight if you Slim Right?

Posted by May 29th 2019

Slim Right from Nature’s Way is a three-step program to a healthier you. But does it really work? Canstar Blue’s review will help you find the answer.

fat blaster weightloss shakes

FatBlaster weight loss shakes reviewed

Posted by May 29th 2019

FatBlaster is a bold brand with a program for big weight loss. How does it really stack up? Canstar Blue’s review has everything you need to know.

the good healthy chocolate cacao

Cacao: The good chocolate

Posted by June 4th 2019

Everyone knows regular chocolate is bad for you, but there is a form of chocolate that actually has health benefits. Find out all you want to know about cacao.

healthy snacks

How to snack smarter

Posted by June 4th 2019

The problem with snacks is they’re often unhealthy. However, there are a growing number of healthy snacks available to buy. This is our review and comparison.