It’s finally here! McDonald’s launches Pokémon Happy Meal this week

Pokémon fans, get ready to ‘catch em all’ because the Macca’s highly awaited Pokémon Happy Meal is set to hit stores this Thursday (September 9).

Collectors can expect to have a ‘Poke-ball’ of a time, with McDonald’s announcing that each Happy Meal box will contain four official Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) cards, plus either a Pokémon sticker sheet, Pokémon stickers, Pokémon photo frame, or card box.

Pokemon Pikachu trading card Pokemon Bulbasaur trading card

“This has been our most requested Happy Meal collaboration to date, with customers of all ages embracing the excitement of the range,” Senior Brand Manager of McDonald’s Australia, Liz Whitbread, said.

“There is so much love for Pokémon in Australia and we can’t wait for our customers to have the chance to discover the fun of Pokémon in their Happy Meal.”

Mcdonald's pokemon stickers

Those who enjoyed watching the animated series on Cheese TV in the early 2000s can reminisce with a Macca’s cheeseburger and fries, as well as healthier alternatives like carrot sticks and apple slices now also permanent additions to the $4.95 meal set.

The limited-edition promotion celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon and can be purchased at Macca’s restaurants nationwide, including through the MyMacca’s App, McDelivery and Drive-Thru.

Pokemon Totodile trading card

Which Pokémons will be included in the Happy Meal?

Pokemon Charmander trading card

We reached out to McDonald’s to see which characters have made the cut. Here are the 25 Pokémons to collect:

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Charmander
  3. Chespin
  4. Chikorita
  5. Chimchar
  6. Cyndaquil
  7. Fennekin
  8. Froakie
  9. Grookey
  10. Litten
  11. Mudkip
  12. Oshawott
  13. Pikachu
  14. Piplup
  15. Popplio
  16. Rowlet
  17. Scorbunny
  18. Snivy
  19. Sobble
  20. Squirtle
  21. Tepig
  22. Torchic
  23. Totodile
  24. Turtwig
  25. Treecko

Krispy Kreme joins the Pokémon frenzy

And if you need a little sweetness to balance the savoury taste, Krispy Kreme is also celebrating the anniversary of Pokémon with character doughnuts. You can order the Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and a Poké Ball-themed treats online, or wait for Krispy Kreme stores to launch a different Pokémon treat every two weeks.

Picture credits: Supplied by McDonald’s, 8th.creator /

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