We’ll Never Trust the Auto Industry Again, Says Australia

The latest revelations that a car manufacturer tried to make its vehicles appear better than they are have left Australian motorists wondering if they can ever trust anything anyone in the auto industry says, ever again.

This week Mitsubishi Motors admitted its employees falsified fuel economy data for several models, just a few months after Volkswagen confessed to rigging emissions tests.

And with hire car company Europcar found guilty for misleading customers over their liability for vehicle damage, motorists are justifiably angry and confused.

Consumer Backlash Over False Claims

“If I can’t trust a rental car company then who can I trust?” complained a made up citizen. “And what’s all this about driving being bad for the environment? No one told me.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m even having doubts that some of the things I read on the Internet might not be true.”

This latest scandal to rock the auto industry has led one expert to raise concerns that TV ads featuring cars driving across mountain tops or through waterfalls might no longer be taken seriously.

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Meanwhile a new poll shows that fuel economy and emissions testing engineers employed by global car manufacturers are now ahead of politicians and journalists in the rankings of least trusted professions. However, real estate agents remain top of the table.

The rich, fat CEO of a fictional car company told us he hopes this latest embarrassment for the industry becomes old news soon and motorists go back to believing everything they’re told.

“Where’s a footballer taking performance enhancing drugs when you need one?” he said.

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This satirical article is not intended to be taken seriously or cause offence.

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