Your complete guide to Exetel

Posted by Canstar Blue August 23rd 2016

Founded as a technology consulting company in the early ’90s, Exetel has evolved into an internet service provider, offering residential and business services, from home internet to mobile and mobile broadband.

Exetel states that it believes in putting its customers’ needs first, with it offering “a range of simple, easy-to-understand plans and pricing across broadband, NBN/fibre, mobile and corporate services”.

What services does Exetel offer?

“As a low-cost provider our aim is to provide our customers with real savings and the best value telco plans in the market,” Exetel states.

“And we know what a pain it can be to try and deal with most companies when you need something done in a hurry. That’s why we strive to deliver great customer service.”

Home internet and phone

Exetel ranges a number of different NBN and broadband plans, along with home phone and voice over internet protocol (VoIP), with bundle deals also available.

NBN and broadband plans and bundles, with data inclusions ranging up to unlimited data, can be taken up on either a no lock-in or 12-month contract (with NBN plans featuring different speed tiers and also having an 18-month contract option).

Customers can check NBN availability for their address, and register their interest, via the Exetel website.

Exetel’s home phone line service can be taken up as a standalone service on a 12-month contract, with customers also having the option to add ExeChat call packs, tailored for national, mobile and global usage.

Exetel’s ExeFone VoIP service, meanwhile, comes with Exetel’s NBN and broadband plans. Customers can add call packs catering to local, mobile, national and global use to their ExeFone service.

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Mobile services

Exetel offers both mobile and mobile broadband plans, delivered via the Optus 4G Plus network.

Exetel’s bring-your-own phone, SIM-only ExeSim mobile phone plans come with a range of different call, text and data inclusions, and are available month by month.

Exetel’s mobile broadband ExeGo plans, meanwhile, deliver a range of data options, and are also available month-by-month, with customers needing to bring their own device.

Consumers can check for mobile coverage, searching by both address and area, via the Exetel website.

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Customer support

Exetel provides a number of Q&As via its website, addressing a range of queries related to its different services.

The Exetel customer help forum also provides information covering a range of topics, with customers able to search for information, pose questions and participate in discussion.

Exetel’s My Exetel account management service provides copies of monthly invoices, and also provides for customers to change their debit/credit card account details (with direct debit and credit card payments, the two payment methods provided by Exetel).

Customers in search of support and information can also contact Exetel by phone or email, with call centre waiting times available via the Exetel website.

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