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AGL is one of Australia’s oldest and largest electricity and natural gas retailers. Along with Origin Energy and EnergyAustralia, AGL is one of the ‘big three’ power suppliers across the country, with a combined market share of nearly 75%. But the dominance of these energy giants has waned slightly in recent years as more Australians now understand their options and realise the value of comparing deals. One retailer making waves – and challenging the dominance of the big three – is Alinta Energy.

Although AGL and Alinta Energy both offer similar products across each of the states they operate in, their rates, conditions and discounts may vary markedly. For this reason, our comparison will compare AGL and Alinta in each state separately. This will include Victoria, NSW, SA, QLD and WA. If you want to get a head start and compare plans in your area straight away, just hop into our electricity comparison tool.

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Alinta Energy has been in the Victorian electricity and natural gas for years, offering customers the ‘Fair Deal 43’ – a variable rate two-year market contract with a 43% pay on time discount off usage charges.  Alinta customers that also sign up to natural gas receive 25% off their natural gas usage when they pay on time.

AGL on the other hand has several products available, including its flagship Set and Forget plan with a large direct debit discount, as well as its fixed rate Essentials plan. This plan freezes your rates for 12 months, protecting you from rising electricity prices. It does not include a discount, however.

Who is cheapest in Victoria?

AGL may have more electricity options, but are any of them a match for Alinta Energy and its monstrous 43% discount? After crunching the numbers, we’ve found that set and Forget is currently the cheapest electricity product that AGL offers. The below figures assume the average consumption of a five person household on the Citipower network in Victoria. These prices are indicative only and you should use our energy comparison tool to get a more accurate result for your circumstance.

State Provider^ Plan Discount Annual Cost
Victoria Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43 43% $1,993.04
Victoria AGL Set and Forget 38% $2,206.73

Prices based on average energy consumption figures from AER for five person household on the Citipower network in Melbourne.

Our results suggest that Alinta Energy is currently cheaper than AGL by a considerable margin. Keep in mind, however, that you must pay your bills on time to receive Alinta’s 43% discount. If you tend to be tardy paying your bills, then it might be safer to opt for AGL’s Essentials. See how these retailers stack up to the rest of the competition in Canstar Blue’s electricity price comparison for Victoria.

New South Wales

Similar to Victoria, Alinta Energy only has one electricity offer for New South Wales customers, the Fair Deal 27. This deal comes with 27% off electricity usage charges when customers pay their bills on time. It is a no lock-in contract with no exit fees, and the discount lasts 24 months. In the other corner is AGL, this time offering two electricity products, including the big discount Set and Forget with 28% off.

Who is cheapest in New South Wales?

According to our calculations, the Set and Forget is AGL’s cheapest plan. So how does this compare to Alinta’s Fair Deal 27 offer? Once again we will compare electricity prices across the two retailers for a standard five person household. For individualised results, check out our price comparison tool above.

State Provider^ Plan Discount Annual Cost
NSW Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43 27% $2,398.51
NSW AGL Set and Forget 28% $2,359.82

Prices based on average energy consumption figures from AER for five person household on the Ausgrid network in Sydney.

AGL currently comes out as the cheapest of the two retailers, but only by a relatively small margin. To see how they compare to other NSW electricity retailers, check out our NSW price comparison.

South Australia

Alinta offers South Australians a 25% pay on time discount on electricity usage charges, valid for a two year contract period. This product is called – you guessed it – the Fair Deal 25. AGL has two offers once again, including its flagship Set and Forget plan.

Who is cheapest in South Australia?

Alinta’s Fair Deal 25 is up against AGL’s Set and Forget, which we calculate to be the supplier’s cheapest deal. The below electricity price calculations use the standard usage figures for a five person household on the SA Power Network. Be sure to use our comparison tool for a specific quote in your area.

State Provider^ Plan Discount Annual Cost*
South Australia Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43 25% $3,110.80
South Australia AGL Set and Forget 14% $3,059.93

Prices based on average energy consumption figures from AER for five person household on the SA Power network in Adelaide.

This time AGL works out to be the cheaper of the two retailers. Despite having a smaller discount, AGL’s competitive electricity usage rates allow it to beat out Alinta in South Australia. See how these retailers compare to other energy companies with our SA price comparison.


Alinta Energy came to Queensland in 2017, bringing with it the HomeSaver Plus – a two year contract that includes a 28% pay on time discount off energy usage charges. Like in SA and Victoria, AGL offers two deals, including the big discount Set and Forget.

Who is the cheapest in Queensland?

Once again AGL’s Set and Forget is the cheapest product from this supplier in Queensland, so we’ve calculated how this compares to Alinta Energy’s offer, assuming the average usage for a five person household in Brisbane. Once again, use our comparison tool above for a specific comparison in your suburb.

State Provider^ Plan Discount Annual Cost*
Queensland Alinta Energy HomeSaver Plus 28% $1,814.26
Queensland AGL Set & Forget 28% $1,818.28

Prices based on average energy consumption figures from AER for five person household on the Energex network in Brisbane.

Alinta Energy works out to be cheaper, but there’s almost nothing in it. If you prefer direct debit, then AGL’s Set and Forget may be better for you. If not, you might prefer the Alinta deal. The two retailers are currently amongst the cheapest in the SE Queensland market. See how they compare in our QLD price comparison.

Western Australia

Neither Alinta nor AGL sell electricity to Western Australian residents due to state government regulation. They do, however, sell natural gas.

Alinta Energy natural gas customers receive the Fair Go 25 – a no lock-in contract with a 25% discount off gas usage charges. In 2017, AGL entered the WA Gas market with three deals – the Set and Forget, Savers and AGL Fixed Rate. The Set and Forget and Savers operate similarly to other states, providing a direct debit or pay on time discount off usage charges respectively. The Fixed Rate deal freezes your gas rates for two years, protecting you from the rising costs of natural gas.


Alinta Energy is often the cheaper of the two retailers Victoria and NSW, according to our calculations. However, AGL is typically at its most competitive in South Australia and Queensland. Once again, we should stress that the prices used in this comparison are only indicative and you should use our price comparison tool to receive prices that more accurately reflect your circumstance.

When comparing electricity companies, it is also worth considering factors other than price. For example, AGL customers can collect flybuys points and receive access to AGL’s Rewards Programs. Meanwhile, Alinta Energy has been recognised for its outstanding customer service, winning Canstar Blue’s latest award for most satisfied customers in Queensland, while also performing well in other states.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. In most states, the choice between AGL’s Set and Forget and Alinta’s Fair Deal comes down to whether you prefer paying your bills using direct debit. There are of course plenty of other options out there, so be sure to check out Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings to find the best retailer for you.

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