Review of Amaysim NBN plans

Amaysim is best-known for offering competitive SIM Only mobile phone plans, on both a prepaid and postpaid basis. But Amaysim is now also an NBN provider, having launched a very simple yet appealing set of unlimited data plans with no lock-in contracts or upfront costs (if you BYO modem), which is pretty unheard of. Covering three NBN speed tiers, Amaysim looks set to challenge the big internet providers, just like it has with its popular phone plans.

So if you’ve been satisfied with what Amaysim has to offer in the mobile phone plan circuit, it could be worthwhile looking into its NBN plans if your home is connected. Or, if you’re simply shopping around for a better deal, Amaysim could be the NBN provider you’ve been looking for. Amaysim is popular for its simplicity and flexibility, so let’s see what NBN plans it has to offer.

Amaysim NBN Plans

Inclusions Max NBN Speed Price Per Month
Unlimited data, no lock-in contract 12/1 $60*
50/20 $70*
100/40 $90

Source: Amaysim website

*Often discounted further

These outrageously simple NBN plans are a refreshing change of pace in a market where there are so many options, with providers offering a staggering array of plans with different contract lengths, data inclusions and extra costs.

As Amaysim has stated, its aim is to “untangle the unnecessary complexity, and put customers back in the driver’s seat when it comes to using NBN broadband”. So, you’re in the driver’s seat, and you have the choice of superfast speeds to drive at. As all plans come on a monthly basis and with unlimited data, picking the right plan for your needs is super easy. In summary:

  • There are no hidden fees
  • Month to month contracts
  • Unlimited data
  • $0 activation
  • Choice of bringing your own (BYO) modem, or purchasing a ‘premium’ modem from Amaysim for a fee of $140

Let’s dive into the detail and then compare Amaysim’s NBN plans to those from other service providers.

Amaysim Basic Speed NBN

At $60 a month, this plan is pretty exciting, especially if you’ve been switched to an NBN connection but you aren’t an intensive internet user. 12/1 speeds are equivalent to what you might find on your old ADSL connection, and these speeds are great for social media, general browsing, some YouTube videos and emailing, with uploading attachments made easier with the 1Mbps upload speed. You’re also afforded peace of mind with unlimited data, so even if you feel like you don’t use much, you don’t have to worry about excess data costs or ‘shaped’ downloads (i.e. when your speeds slow down because you’ve exceeded your limit).

Amaysim Standard Plus Speed NBN

50/20 is a significant step up in terms of maximum speed, and could open up your world to speeds you might not have achieved before on your ADSL plan. While this is a theoretical top download speed – with factors such as network congestion potentially coming into play – 50/20 could afford you the ability to stream Netflix with ease, upload files to cloud networks and upload videos to YouTube more easily. Doubling your potential speed cap for $10 extra a month is pretty enticing.

Amaysim Premium Speed NBN

Amaysim has gone straight for the jugular here and offers top-flight NBN for $90. Tier 4 represents the pinnacle of NBN speed prowess, with 100Mbps potential download speeds enabling many of us to transform our internet browsing experience. With these top speeds, multiple Netflix streams at once become a breeze, as does working from home with seamless conferencing video calls and the like. Online gaming with friends across the world could also become much easier. While you’ll pay an extra $20 a month over 50/20 speeds, buying into the fastest speed tier if you have heavy download demands may be worth it.

Amaysim ‘LBN’ Plans

You may have seen this on its site – Amaysim also offers ‘LBN’ plans. LBN stands for Local Broadband Network and is officially designated as a multi-dwelling unit connection. LBN provides internet networks to apartment buildings, primarily in Western Australia. LBN provides speed tiers similar to that of NBN, and Amaysim’s plans are exactly the same. If you’ve moved into a new apartment and realised you’re on LBN, Amaysim is worth a look into as your retailer.

How does Amaysim NBN compare to other providers?

Amaysim’s mobile phone plans compare well against the competition, and so do its NBN plans. Its prices are among the cheapest out there, and its no contract promise, with no activation fees, adds a cherry or two on top.

Amaysim Basic Speed NBN Compared

  • Unlimited data, monthly contract, BYO or paid modem, for $60 a month

At the most basic speed tier, Amaysim’s foray into broadband compares very well. Its $60 plan benefits from the fact that you just pay your $60 and that’s it – no commitments beyond the first month and no hidden costs before you get started, which is often the case. Other providers that stand out from the crowd here include SpinTel, Exetel and AusBBS. But make sure you pay close attention to contract lengths and upfront costs.

Amaysim Standard Plus NBN Compared

  • Unlimited data, monthly contract, BYO or paid modem, for $70 a month

For only $10 extra a month, you’ll get the 50/20Mbps speed tier. This price jump seems to be about the norm across the board, and Amaysim competes pretty well, with the cheapest price you can expect to pay for unlimited data on Tier 3 at about $60-$70 per month. Amaysim competes with the likes of AusBBS, Kogan and Mate Communicate around these parts.

Amaysim Premium NBN Compared

  • Unlimited data, monthly contract, BYO or paid modem, for $90 a month

At the tip-top NBN speed tier, Amaysim is again a competitive provider – $90 for unlimited data and the fastest speeds is very reasonable indeed. However, MyRepublic is the dominate player in these parts, with various call inclusions and contract options available for less than $85 a month. The likes of AusBBS, Exetel and Australia Broadband are all worth a look as well.

Amaysim LBN Compared

Amaysim’s LBN plans are the same as its NBN plans, with the same data, speed tiers and prices on offer. Other major LBN Co providers include:

  • Exetel – unlimited data from $59.99
  • AusBBS – unlimited data from $55
  • Harbour ISP – unlimited data from about $70 a month
  • Leaptel – Unlimited or 1000GB with top-tier speeds for $109.95

The good news is that providers can often offer NBN and LBN plans at similar rates on the same speed tiers. Currently, Amaysim remains one of the most competitive providers with unlimited data often discounted to $45 a month from $60.

Is an Amaysim NBN plan an ‘amaysing’ deal?

If you’ve been pleased with what Amaysim has offered customers in the mobile phone plan segment, you might also be pleased with what it has to offer in the NBN sphere. Amaysim’s NBN plans are pretty cost competitive, and while they do seem a few dollars pricier than the ‘cheapest of the cheap’, Amaysim’s no-gimmick approach may more than make up for it. With no contracts, hidden fees, or setup costs (if you BYO modem), the value proposition with these factors considered might make other providers sit up and take notice. Amaysim has done it in the SIM Only mobile space, and it looks set to do it again with its NBN plans.

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