Amaysim reveals amazing 60GB data for $60 prepaid deal!


After increasing its prepaid mobile data offerings a few months ago, Amaysim has just announced a new prepaid plan that offers even more data than what was previously available.

The new $60 Unlimited plan has 60GB of data, which is now the most data on its SIM-only prepaid plans — that’s only $1 per GB of data! This latest addition to Amaysim’s service expands its current range, with plans starting at $10 for 1GB, plus unlimited talk and text.

In addition to the 60GB of data, this plan includes the same bonuses as the $50 Unlimited plan offers, with unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers, plus unlimited international calls to 10 countries (including the UK, New Zealand, India and China) and 300 international minutes to another 22 countries.

As Australia’s fourth largest mobile service provider, Amaysim is establishing its commitment to offering Aussies more hassle-free options without a lock-in contract. Amaysim CEO, Peter O’Connell, said: “Our new $60 Unlimited mobile plan is another example of how we’re bringing simple solutions and great value to our customers. At a price point of only $1 per gig and our commitment to no lock-in contracts, Amaysim is now making mobile data usage more affordable and hassle-free on a plan that’s here to stay.”

More options to suit everyone

This new addition to the Amaysim prepaid plan family provides even more options for customers and their diverse mobile data needs. With research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics finding a 49% increase in smartphone data consumption over the past year, it’s no surprise that Amaysim sought to offer even more data to customers. With more of us using our mobile devices to stream music and video, Aussie consumers want more from their mobile plans.

Not only does Amaysim offer good value for data on its range of plans (with access to the Optus 4G network), the Amaysim Apple and Android apps make it simple to manage your prepaid plan. You’re able to monitor your credit and data usage, top it up when needed, plus you can easily manage your auto renew settings.

If you find that you’re paying too much for data you just don’t need, or you’re chewing through it well before your 28 days are up, the app will also let you change your plan at no extra cost. It’s hassle-free flexibility that gives Amaysim a lot of love from Aussies.

Competitive SIM-only market

The closest comparison that offers great value for money is the Boost Mobile $70 prepaid SIM-only plan. While this plan gives you 63GB for $70 on a 28-day cycle on the Telstra 4G network, this offer only includes the 11GB bonus data (in addition to 52GB) for the first five recharges. However, Boost does offer unlimited international calls to 20 countries, with 100 minutes to an additional 35 countries. Plus you’ll also get data-free streaming for Apple Music – so if streaming music is important to you, this plan from Boost makes up the price and data difference in its extras.

Want more data?

If you’re willing to pay an extra $30 per month, you can get a massive 90GB of data, plus unlimited national talk and text, on the Yomojo Unlimited SIM-only prepaid plan. However, this plan only uses the Optus 3G network, so while you’re getting a huge amount of data to sustain you over the 30-day cycle, you might find the network too slow for your liking if you’re used to 4G.

For those who are after prepaid, but don’t like the hassle of recharging or auto top-ups, Catch Connect has a few options available. This relatively no-frills provider offers 84GB at $119; however this is over a 90 day period, which works out at just under $40 for 28GB per month. While this is cheaper per month than the others, it doesn’t give you nearly as much data. If you find that your data use differs from month to month, opting for a longer usage period might eliminate the worry over top-ups or going over your data limit.

Catch Connect even extends its prepaid plans to 365 days, so if you like the security of a prepaid plan that lasts for a whole year (no recharges required), the 180GB plan for $340 could offer you some value. While it offers less data per month, it is cheaper, and would suit if your data use is inconsistent.

While each of these plans offer value in different areas, this latest plan from Amaysim seems to stand on its own in terms of dollar-for-gigabyte value. So if you take your streaming and scrolling seriously, 60GB for $60 might just be the deal you’ve been looking for.

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