GloBird Energy Review and Rates

GloBird Energy is the small electricity retailer with massive discounts, providing an alternative to the big energy companies across Victoria. GloBird Energy offers a variety of products that are designed to suit the energy needs of different kinds of customers, making it a strong-value retailer so long as you know which offer is the best match for you.

In this review, Canstar Blue assesses whether GloBird Energy is right for your power supply, and if so, which GloBird product might be the cheapest option.

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GloBird Energy Plans

GloBird Energy’s residential product range is equipped to suit a variety of needs. The retailer has plans suited for households with low or medium usage, or very high energy consumption, as well as options to help solar power customers get a higher return on their investment.


This is GloBird’s latest and typically cheapest product. Unlike the GloSave and Boost plans below, the EasySave doesn’t have a conditional discount, instead offering low basic rates, so your savings are guaranteed. The catch is that in order to sign on to this deal, customers must accept email billing and e-communications and pay their bill using credit card direct debit (this does not include bank account direct debiting).


This is one of GloBird’s most popular products, offering up to a 35% discount on your entire bill, not just the usage charges. This discount is comprised of a 34% pay on time discount and a bonus 1% discount for customers who pay their bills by direct debit. Like all GloBird market offers, this is a variable rate contract with no exit fees, meaning customers are free to leave at any time. GloBird recommends this product for low to average energy users.


The Boost deal gives customers up to a massive 40% discount on electricity usage charges. This discount is comprised of a 39% discount for paying bills on time, plus a bonus 1% for paying via direct debit. Because the discount applies to usage charges only, GloBird only recommends this product for large households with above average energy usage.

GloBird recommends its Boost product for households using more than:

Network Area Usage
CitiPower (City & Inner Suburbs) 812 KWh per month
United Energy (South Suburbs & Mornington) 924 KWh per month
Jemena (North & North West Suburbs) 922 KWh per month
PowerCor (Western Suburbs & Victoria) 659 KWh per month
Ausnet (Northern & Eastern Victoria) 600 KWh per month

Households using less electricity than this may be better suited to the GloSave or EasySave products. GloBird has an online calculator to help you determine which plan might be best for you, based on previous usage information.

Solar Plus

This plan is for GloBird customers with solar systems. It includes a generous retailer-funded feed-in tariff of 17c/kWh for the first 12 kWh of solar export per day, plus 12c/kWh for any excess. It also comes with a maximum conditional discount of 35% on your entire bills. Similar to GloSave, this discount is comprised of a 34% pay on time discount and a 1% direct debit discount.

Solar Basic

The Solar Basic plan is an additional product that is applied on top of one of GloBird’s other existing products. It gives customers with solar panels a 12c/kWh feed-in tariff.

GloBird Electricity Rates

So, which GloBird electricity deal is right for your household? To find out, Canstar Blue has calculated the average annual cost of each Globird product. In the below calculations, we assume the property is situated on the Citipower distribution network and has the average energy consumption habits of a five person household, living at a selected postcode. For a specific quote for your suburb, use our energy comparison tool above.

GloBird Energy Prices

Electricity Provider^ Electricity Plan Discount Annual Cost*
GloBird Energy EasySave 0% $2,566.95
GloBird Energy GloSave 35% off usage & supply $2,820.18
GloBird Energy Boost 40% off usage $2,795.96
GloBird Energy Solar Plus 35% off usage & supply $2,671.53

*Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a five person household on the Citipower network. Feb 2018.

^By clicking on a brand name, you may leave Canstar Blue and be taken to a referral partner to compare. You agree that Canstar Blue’s terms and conditions apply to this referral. If you click on a brand that is not a referral partner, you will be taken to a brand page on Canstar Blue.

Our calculations suggest EasySave works out the cheapest, despite having no conditional discount. A lesson to take from this is to check the electricity rates and to not get too caught up on the size of discounts. However, this plan is only available when you pay bills by credit card. You can also see that, despite GloSave and Solar Plus having the same percentage discount, the electricity usage rates on the Solar Plus plan are noticeably lower, which translates to a smaller bill – and that’s before you factor in further savings from the Solar Plus feed-in tariff. Larger households with high electricity usage may be best suited for GloBird’s Boost deal owing to its larger discount off usage charges.

Consider EasySave if:

  • You have a credit card and are comfortable with having bills direct debited from your credit account
  • You prefer e-correspondence and billing to traditional forms of communication

Consider GloSave if:

  • You’re a small to medium sized household with low or average energy usage
  • You always pay your bills on time

Consider Boost if:

  • You live in a large household with much higher energy usage than average
  • You always pay your bills on time

What we are trying to stress is that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to energy. Compare rates, discounts, conditions and services to insure you receive the product best suited to your needs. To see how GloBird compares to other power companies, check out our Victorian price comparison report.

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GloBird Billing

GloBird has several hassle-free ways for customers to pay their bills. Customers can:

  • Pay online – Simply visit the GloBird Energy website
  • Bpay – Enter the biller code and your unique customer reference number on your bill to pay using Bpay
  • Direct debit – Customers can organise their bill to be directly debited from their credit card or bank account
  • Phone – You can pay by phone by calling the 1300 number on the GloBird website
  • Mail – If you’re old-fasioned, then you can mail a cheque to GloBird with your customer reference number attached
  • In-Store – Bills can also be paid at the Post Office or any Commonwealth Bank branch.

Is GloBird Energy right for me?

GloBird Energy is a competitive retailer with a number of perfectly viable options. If you’re considering signing up, it’s important you have a firm understanding of your energy consumption, otherwise talk to someone from GloBird to find the most suitable deal for you. Signing up to a mismatched product could result in you paying more than you need to. For example, low-usage customers on the GloBird Boost plan could end up with a larger bill than if they opted for the GloSave plan. Be sure to use GloBird’s online energy calculator to determine which product might be best for your household, based on previous usage information.

The moral of the story is to look beyond the massive headline discounts. This applies to all retailers, not just GloBird. Read the energy price factsheets, check the rates, understand the terms, and weigh up the pros and cons of different products and retailers before deciding which might be the best bet for you.

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