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Domino’s creates baked beans pizza – genius or gross?

Domino’s has created a monster… (oops) we mean a mashup no one saw coming – a baked beans pizza! Yes, you read that right.

The pizza chain shared its latest creation on social media, with consists of a standard pizza base with toppings of Heinz baked beans, cheese, Domino’s pepperoni, and thinly sliced ham. Online users wasted no time sharing their opinions on the latest experiment.

While some commenters called it a ‘blessing’ and ‘truly a delicacy’, others weren’t so convinced. Even Queensland Police got in on the action with a cheeky comment on the Domino’s post: “Can confirm a crime has been committed.”

“It’s a hard no,” another person wrote.

It’s unclear whether Domino’s plans to add the baked beans pizza to its menu, but it’s possible considering it did launch the Vegemite pizza last year and other weird and wonderful combinations in previous years.

So, is the baked beans pizza genius or gross? There’s only one way to find out…

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