Female only gyms in Australia

Girls are taking over the nation, with women only gym chains popping up in almost every city! Canstar Blue explores what female only gyms are available in your area and what group classes and fitness programs you can expect to find.

If seeing people flex their muscles in the mirror and grunt while they work out is not for you, women only gyms aim to create a non-intimidating and safe environment just for the ladies. With equipment and programs specifically designed for females, women only gyms are a choice to keep in mind when looking around for fitness clubs.

With the popularity of women only gyms increasing, many co-ed gyms are also introducing women only zones within the clubs to give the comfort of having a more private space to train. You may like to give a call to a local gym to enquire about its facilities and if they offer a women only section. Otherwise we have compiled a list of the women only gyms in every Australian Capital city for you to consider.

Female only gyms in Sydney

  • Contours Female Fitness
  • Curves Fitness
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Crunch Female Fitness Centre
  • Her Health and Fitness
  • City Tattersalls Women’s Fitness Centre
  • Bodyshape Female Fitness Centre
  • Envie Fitness Gyms

Female only gyms in Melbourne

  • Contours Female Fitness
  • Curves Fitness
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Envie Fitness Gyms
  • MIIBODY Women’s health club
  • Melsways Women’s Fitness Studio
  • Vie Fitness Centres
  • FitMiss Health Club
  • Triple Five Fitness

Female only gyms in Brisbane

  • Contours Female Fitness
  • Curves Fitness
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Miss Temple Fitness
  • Venus Women’s Gym
  • Samsara Women’s Health Club

Female only gyms in Canberra

  • Curves Fitness
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Samsara Women’s Health Club
  • Club Pink

Female only gyms in Hobart

  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Feel Good Female Fitness
  • Spice Health & Fitness

Female only gyms in Adelaide

  • Contours Female Fitness
  • Curves Fitness
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Satori Women’s Health Club
  • Women’s Transformation Studio
  • 24 Hour Woman

Female only gyms in Perth

  • Contours Female Fitness
  • Curves Fitness
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • The Firm Studio
  • Warwick Women’s Workout
  • Perfect Health Fitness Studio
  • Sista Fitness

Female only gyms in Darwin

  • Fernwood Fitness

Locations across the country

There are three main female only gyms that can be found around most capital cities in Australia – Contours, Curves and Fernwood. Samsara Women’s Health Club is found in both Brisbane and Canberra.

Contours Female Fitness

The Contours Female Fitness franchise says it has been helping women all over the world since 1998. It has designed 29 minute classes for women on the go. Female staff members are there to help with any questions on your workouts.

Curves Fitness

Curves Gym was founded in 1992 and is one the largest networks of women’s fitness centres. It offers several programs including Curves Fitness and Curves Complete. Its equipment is inbuilt with Curves Smart, which is a training system that gives progress reports while you train.

Fernwood Fitness

Founded in 1989, Fernwood Fitness is one of the leading women only gym chains in Australia, with more than 60 clubs across the country. Fernwood offers various classes including Yoga, Circuit Training, Pilates and Body Attack. The female staff members hand out free chilled face towels as you train. Certain venues also provide childcare facilities.

Samsara Women’s Health Club

Founded in 2012, Samsara Women’s Health Club is open 24/7 and apparently aims to provide a warm and welcoming environment for your workout. Samsara Health Club can be found both in Brisbane and Canberra. It offers a TGS TehnoGym Key that is designed to guide you throughout your workout and has a variety of classes including Pilates, Low Impact, Body Groove and Body Balance.

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Local to Sydney

Crunch Female Fitness Centre

The Crunch Fitness Centre caters for all women aged 12 and over, and offers child minding for those with little ones. It includes a cardio room, group fitness studio, crunch conditioning corner, weights and group cycle studio. It also offers an 8 week challenge, personal training, group fitness and 6 week nutrition program.

Her Health and Fitness

Her Health and Fitness Club opened up in 2008 and is a 24/7 fitness studio providing personal training and group sessions, with cardio and resistance equipment. It offers classes including Latino Burn, spin and yoga, as well as a variety of other programs from ‘Her Bootcamp’ to Bride-to-Be. It also has a children’s crèche so you can enjoy some ‘me’ time.

City Tattersalls Women’s Fitness Centre

If you’re looking for a little bit more pamper in your fitness routine, City Tattersalls is designed as a boutique fitness facility with massages on offer and a complete hairdressing service. It includes group fitness classes and a day spa. To join the Women’s Fitness Centre, you need to hold a Life, Gold or Silver membership within the club.

Bodyshape Female Fitness Centre

Founded in 1984, Bodyshape Female Fitness Centre aims to provide a luxurious, friendly and fun environment with a kids club available while you train. It offers a diverse range of classes from yoga to AB Blaster and HIIT. There are clubs in Dee Why, Gordon Warringah Mall and Warringah Mall, which also has a steam room available.

Envie Fitness Gyms

Envie Fitness was founded in 2012 and is popular for its express 30 minutes full body workouts. It has a kid’s corner and extended hours to accommodate more members. It offers various classes including boot camps, circuits as well as gentle exercise group classes and classes for over 55s.

Local to Melbourne

MIIBODY Women’s Fitness Studio

Miibody Fitness studio is there for all ages and provides members with month to month memberships. It has designed 30 minute circuit classes with cardio and resistance training. There are also non-circuit classes including tabata and boxing. If you’re looking to gain the benefits of working out at a gym but are unable to fully commit to a membership, Miibody offers the Health Coach Program which includes a daily tracking app, eating plans and weekly 20 minute consultations.

Melsways Women’s Fitness Studio

Melsways Women’s Fitness is for girls, teens and adults. The founder, Melinda Hooper, is an expert in Martial Arts and is said to have a passion for helping young girls and women to achieve their goals. The studio offers women’s kick boxing, mums and bubs classes, girls kickboxing, yoga, personal training and tone it up classes. There are also child care facilities available.

Vie Fitness Centres

Vie Fitness Centre apparently aims to support the local community with essential services like the cardio section, stretch zone, aerobics room, infra-red sauna and full size boxing ring. It offers groups training classes including indoor cycling classes, yoga and kickboxing, as well as world recognised Les Mills and Body Training Solutions. It also has child minding facilities for the mums.

FitMiss Health Club

Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, increase strength or improve your posture, FitMiss specialise in fitness for women. You can choose from Circuit Training Sessions, Group Training, Pilates, Food Coaching, Outdoor Bootcamp and several other programs. There is also the option to take up FitMiss Classes only with a no lock in contract.

Triple Five Fitness

Triple Five Fitness is said to be a vibrant and results-based club aiming to create the best fitness environment for you. It offers 40 classes per week ranging from Cardio Pilates to Barre. Strength training is apparently a big part of the culture at Triple Five Fitness and the club is also passionate about postural correction, glute activation and core stability.

Local to Brisbane

Venus Women’s Gym

Venus Women’s Gym apparently aims to provide a unique and inspiring approach to health and fitness. It has a variety of classes including yoga, HIIT and Pilates, as well as childcare facilities. It offers an 8 week challenge and a ‘yummy mummy’ program.

Miss Temple Fitness

Miss Temple Fitness can be found in Corinda and Warner. It’s a 24/7 gym that allows members to bring in their kids to make use of the free Kids Zone. It has several group classes from Yoga to Box Fit and aims to provide a warm and friendly environment while you train.

Local to Canberra

Club Pink

Club Pink claims to be Canberra’s most exquisite women’s health club. It includes a complimentary breakfast with its packages, day spa, steam room and childcare facilities. It offers various classes including Hot Yoga, Body pump, Les Mills classes, as well as Aqua Zumba.

Local to Hobart

Feel Good Female Fitness

Founded in 2002, Feel Good Female Fitness apparently has a mission to provide motivation and support to make sure you have fun while you go and achieve your fitness goals. It offers fitness classes including Kanga – a low intensity class – as well as spin classes and combat, which are martial arts inspired classes.  

Local to Adelaide

Satori Women’s Health Club

Satori Women’s Health Club is a 24/7 ladies gym, with smaller facilities with the aim of keeping a relaxed environment. It offers a Boomers Class and a gym crèche for the young ones. It offers freestyle and Les Mills Body Pump classes.

Women’s Transformation Studio

Women’s Transformation Studio is a 24/7 women’s gym. It offers semi private personal training, 1 on 1 personal training and nutrition guidance and meal plans. Its ‘Sexy in Six’ Program provides training sessions, boxing and abs classes, meal plans and fortnightly check-ins aiming to help achieve your fitness goals.

24 Hour Woman

24 Hour Women is a 24/7 gym for ladies. It incorporates exercise equipment, freestyle group fitness classes, Yoga, Step, Stronger, Pilates HIIT, Aerobics classes. It also offers optional weight loss services through the Personal Trainers Program.

Local to Perth

The Firm Studio

The Firm Studio is a small fitness centre which offers several classes including total body workouts, yoga, circuit and Pilates. If you’re not looking for anything extraordinary, the studio has a small range of fitness equipment and an owner that is apparently ready to help set you up with a program to suit your goals.

Warwick Women’s Workout

Warwick Women’s Workout apparently aims to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all gym-goers. It offers circuit classes, Fitmoves, Tai Chi and Zumba. It also has a sports stadium with 8 indoor sprung floor courts for use.

Perfect Health Fitness Studio

Perfect Health Fitness Studio has designed its gym with no mirrors, no distracting TV screens and no loud music to create a relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere. Its circuit consists of ‘air’ machines, which are designed to feel like you’re pushing or pulling on a cushion of air. It also offers 45 minute relaxed workouts, which are guided by the trained staff.

Sista Fitness

Sista Fitness aims to provide a non-intimidating and full service club for women to improve their personal health and wellbeing. It has several group training classes from Yoga and Pilates to Body Balance and Body Attack. For mums to have some ‘me’ time, it also offers free child minding facilities to look after the little ones while you get sweaty.

Which female only gym should I choose?

While women only gyms aim to create a non-intimidating environment and bring women together, the number of options available can make it a difficult decision. So before you jump into any contract, you may like to make use of free trials available to see if the club is the right fit for you. You may also like to enquire about the facilities, contract flexibility and opening hours, to see if it will fit your lifestyle. There are also many online gym reviews and ratings – such as ours – that may be of benefit to see how Aussies are rating the wide variety of gyms across the country.

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