Who is Kmart Tyre & Auto Service?


Who is Kmart Tyre & Auto Service?Kmart has existed in Australia since 1968; however Kmart Tyre & Auto Service was only established in 1992. It was created when Kmart Auto was rebranded and turned into a “specialist and autonomous” division of Kmart. It has since become one of Australia’s most prolific auto store franchises.

Since 1992 the number of Kmart Tyre & Auto Service stores has nearly doubled from 132 to 240, and this has allowed Kmart Tyre & Auto Service to become one of the largest employers in the automotive service and repair industry, and the largest single employer of apprentice motor mechanics in Australia.

What our survey respondents say about Kmart Tyre & Auto Service

Canstar Blue’s most recent car servicing survey sought the opinions of more than 500 drivers across the country. Some of the comments from customers of Kmart Tyre & Auto Service were as follows:

Good customer service and was okay price wise. Took a bit longer than expected.
They have nice staff that help you with your car and do it fast without any delays. It’s the price that is the negative but other than that they are good.
More affordable than others and the customer service was professional. Parts needed in the past, while cheaper than most other servicing companies, was still very expensive.
It was handy for me in a shopping centre. They don’t clean the car after the service.
Usually get the job done on time, and they ring you up when ready. Not confident that the work they recommended was required.

Source: www.canstarblue.com.au Car Servicing survey 2015, conducted by Colmar Brunton

Other Car Servicing brands we surveyed

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have had their car serviced in the last two years by a car servicing chain. Please note this does not include car dealerships or independent mechanics.

The other car serving chains that in this year’s survey are:

  • Midas
  • Goodyear Autocare
  • Ultratune

You can view the car servicing brands survey results here.

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