Review of Bendigo Bank mobile phone plans

The SIM Only mobile phone plan market has exploded with competition in recent years, and one new player to enter the game recently is Bendigo Bank Telco. You may consider it weird seeing a bank offer some mobile plans. “Shouldn’t they be busy looking after my money?!” You might ask. Well, what may be surprising is that Bendigo Bank offers a range of competitive postpaid mobile phone plans that could be worth looking into the next time you fancy a change.

Bendigo Bank Telco offer four postpaid mobile phone plans on the 4G Optus Mobile Network, so you know you’re getting good coverage. Here’s a rundown on what phone plans Bendigo Bank has to offer.

Bendigo Bank Mobile Phone Plans

Plan What’s Included Price per Month
4G Extra Lite Unlimited texts, 200 call minutes, 2GB data $19.95
4G Lite Unlimited talk and text, 2GB data, $50 international calls $29.95
4G Medium Unlimited talk and text, 5GB data, $300 international calls $39.95
4G Large Unlimited talk and text, 10GB data, $500 international calls $59.95

Source: Bendigo Bank Telco

These four postpaid plans come on a month by month basis, which means no lock-in contracts and the flexibility to leave for a better deal whenever you want. Any excess data you use is automatically billed at the standard $10 per gigabyte.

  • There are no set-up fees, and shipping is free
  • These plans are on a SIM Only basis, and while Bendigo Bank does offer handset repayment plans for new phones, you cannot bundle these with one of the phones on offer. You could purchase one separately though. A 32GB iPhone 7 is available for $64.95 a month, for example
  • For international rates, you’ll need to call up the local call centre to find out the rate of where it is you want to call

Let’s have a closer look at the four plans:

Bendigo Bank 4G Extra Lite Plan

This plan, although dubbed ‘extra lite’ certainly packs a lot in for less than $20 a month. The unlimited text feature is a great addition. This could suit those who are not necessarily using their phone to talk to anyone. Do you have a teenager in the house? They’ll text up a storm, but you’ll never see them actually press the phone to their ear. This could be the plan for them, and it won’t break the bank. 200 minutes isn’t that much though, and if you exceed this allowance, calls will be billed at 22c/minute, which is still pretty good.

Bendigo Bank 4G Lite Plan

An extra $10 a month will see Bendigo Bank include the same amount of data, but open up unlimited calls. Is that extra $10 a month worth it for unlimited calls? For less than $30 a month, this may be a good plan for those who love a good chat and need some data for that dreary commute. Plus, $50 of international calling is handy if you need to get in touch with that European beauty you met on your backpacking tour.

Bendigo Bank 4G Medium Plan

Another $10 a month will see your data wings spread as you take flight. This plan contains 5GB of data, which is a hefty amount – good enough for some streaming, videos and gaming on the go. This is for the type of person who’s always on the move, and whose phone battery runs out by midday – at least your data limit won’t let you down. You get the usual unlimited talk and text, as well as $300 of international calls. If that Russian flame is turning into something more serious, then this could be a plan for you. In addition, you also get $5 off your plan for the first six months. So for $34.95, you get a great value plan with some generous inclusions.

Bendigo Bank 4G Large Plan

The data lords are loosening their belts and letting the data inclusions expand on this one. For $59.95 a month you, get a massive 10GB of 4G data bliss. You also get unlimited talk and text, as well as $500 of international calls. Plus, for the first six months, you’ll get $10 off the plan each month. This brings your plan down to less than $50, and at this rate, it packs even more of a punch.

How do Bendigo Bank phone plans compare?

Bendigo Bank’s four postpaid phone plans are a concise platter with a healthy dose of data, but how do they really stack up? In a saturated mobile market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Let’s see how well this bank-turned-telco compares with other providers.

4G Extra Lite Plan Compared

At this end of the market, it can be a hard to find a telco that offers unlimited calls and texts. While Bendigo Bank offers the latter, its 200 minutes of calls fall short against some of the competition. Here Bendigo Bank competes with the likes of Jeenee Mobile, TeleChoice and Yomojo. Yomojo is a standout here as it offers 2GB with unlimited calls and texts for less than $20 a month, which is a pretty rare feat. It should also be noted that many providers in this price range charge a set-up fee, which Bendigo Bank does not.

4G Lite Plan Compared

As we move up a price bracket, the competition becomes fiercer, and data inclusions start to increase rapidly. Here, Bendigo Bank is competing against the likes of Vaya, Yomojo and Amaysim. Again, Bendigo Bank loses out to the competition in the data inclusions. Providers here are frequently offering 3GB as standard fare, with Yomojo leading the pack with a massive 6GB. Vaya also offers a similar proposition to Bendigo Bank, but at nearly $8 cheaper per month. However, keep in mind that Bendigo Bank does offer $50 of international credit, which does go down nicely.

4G Medium Plan Compared

  • Unlimited calls and texts, 5GB of data, $300 international calls for $39.95 a month/$34.95 for the first six months

Sliding into goal in the $40 range, Bendigo Bank has upped the ante with 5GB of data. However, if this plan was on the basketball team, it’d be getting picked last as the more athletic teammates – Vaya, Jeenee, Yomojo and Dodo – offer more inclusions. However, it should be noted that Dodo charges a prohibitive set-up fee if you go on a no contract plan, whereas the others don’t seem to charge extra for that privilege. Bendigo Bank may also tickle your fancy here with $300 of included international calls.

4G Large Plan Compared

In this price range, you can expect to receive about 10GB as part of your plan. A new player comes into this game – Virgin – and you also get data-free music streaming and $500 international credit to entice you over to the red V. Other familiar faces – Jeenee and Dodo – are also in the race here. The latter has a $24.90 set up fee, so Bendigo Bank slots into second place behind Jeenee. Then, when you include the $10 discount – bringing the plan to $49.95 for the first six months – Bendigo becomes very competitive. The main message here is that bonuses can make or break a plan for you.

Is a Bendigo Bank mobile plan worth the money?

Since its inception, Bendigo Bank Telco has offered competitive plans in an increasingly saturated market of postpaid, no contract mobile plans. However, as consumers become increasingly hungry for data, telcos are offering evermore data to try and entice you over. As such, Bendigo Bank falls by the wayside a little here – especially in the lower price ranges. Competitors are offering more data for the same money, however, Bendigo Bank holds its own with international call inclusions, and no contracts or gimmicky bonuses.

Could you find a cheaper plan than those offered by Bendigo Bank? Yes, certainly. But sometimes it pays to go with the guy throwing straight arrows. With Bendigo Bank, it seems a case of what you see is what you get.

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