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One of several well-known brands owned by Vocus Communications, Dodo is a popular budget service provider. Founded in 2001, it’s now a serious challenger to bigger telcos when it comes to both mobile and fixed line broadband services, particularly in terms of NBN plans. However, in this report we assess the value of Dodo’s mobile phone plans and see how they compare to similar providers. Dodo’s adverts often show it offering some of the cheapest broadband plans around, but does the value follow through with its phone plans?

What phone plans does Dodo offer?

Dodo’s mobile plans utilise the Optus 4G network, which covers over 98% of Australia and ensures you’ll be getting a fast, reliable service. Dodo offers four different phone plans, all of which are available on either monthly, 12 month or 24 month contracts. The latter includes a mobile phone handset of your choice, ranging from budget phones to top-of-the-line flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Nexus 6P. Keep in mind though, that adding a new mobile to your plan could increase the amount you pay.

Meanwhile the other plans are SIM-only, with the monthly option incurring a $24.90 start-up fee before you can get going. All four plans include unlimited calls and video to other Dodo mobile subscribers, and an excess data charge of $12 per GB – slightly higher than what most carriers charge.

These plans vary little when put on a 12-month contract. Let’s review the monthly deals:

Plan Features Price Per Month
Lite $500 of included credit, plus 2GB data $17.90
Big Unlimited calls, texts and 3GB data $29.90
Mega Unlimited calls, texts and 6GB data $39.90
Ultra Unlimited calls, texts and 9GB data $49.90

(Source: Dodo Mobile)

$17.90 Lite Plan

The cheapest plan on no lock-in contract terms is the Mobile 4G Lite, which costs $17.90 per month for $500 of included value and 2GB of data. The cost of a two minute call is $2.37, and a text is billed at 29c. Overall this is a good entry-level plan for someone who wants a fair amount of data, but doesn’t need a lot of texts or calls.

$29.90 Big Plan

The next step is the Mobile 4G Big plan which takes the price up to $29.90 per month for unlimited calls and SMS, and 3GB of mobile data. This is a very decent mid-range plan, which is sure to impress a lot of consumers who are perhaps slightly turned off by the $17.90’s relatively low $500 included credit.

$39.90 Mega Plan

A significant step up in the ranks, the 4G Mega plan provides unlimited call and SMS value, plus 6GB of data for a very reasonable $39.90 each month. This is a great plan for those wanting to get into more streaming and games. For under $40, it’s a great package at a fair price.

$49.90 Ultra Plan

Finally, the 4G Ultra plan adds another 3GB to your quota for a total of 9GB at a cost of $49.90 per month. This is for those ultra-users who like a fair amount of gaming and streaming. Never be caught out in the cold at the bus stop with this plan – it’s enough to see you through a rainy day and then some. For under $50, Dodo has crammed a lot of value into the Ultra Plan. You could even take your data up to 10GB for an extra $10, giving you a seriously nice looking deal.

How does Dodo compare to other providers?

Dodo has a decent suite of plans to suit a lot of consumers, but with so much competition out there at the moment, how do they stack up? Could you find better value elsewhere?

The Lite Plan compared

Dodo’s most budget-focused plan, the 4G Lite, stacks up well in terms of value against rivals such as Jeenee Mobile, TeleChoice and iiNet. The former offers unlimited texts, with a specific 200 minutes of calls, while Telechoice and iiNet are more directly comparable to Dodo. The other hat in the ring here before longs to Vaya, with the same 2GB of data per month, but with unlimited calls and texts. That’s quite an offer at only about $4 extra.

The Big Plan compared

So, what’s the big plan? Dodo packs a lot into its intermediate plan, with 3GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts, and it stacks up well against the competition. Dodo’s main rivals within this segment are Vaya, Amaysim and Exetel, all offering the same inclusions at around the same price. If you’re just looking for the cheapest deal available, Vaya is again hard to beat at $26 per month. However, keep an eye out for Jeenee Mobile who bump the data up to 4GB for just a little extra cost. You have plenty of good options.

The Mega Plan compared

The Mega Plan sits in a stacked price segment, which sees the most competition as providers jostle to offer more for less. Dodo competes in this segment with Jeenee, Vaya and Telechoice who all sit pretty as the cheapest providers offering 6GB of data or more. In fact, Vaya and Jeenee both take the data up to a massive 8GB, and they’re still cheaper than Dodo. Amaysim is also kicking about with 7GB of data at a reasonable price, but it’s hard to look past the top two if you just want pure value.

The Ultra Plan compared

As the heavyweight in Dodo’s suite of phone plans, the Ultra faces a strong bout of competition. Again, the usual players come into the ring for a scrap, but Jeenee blows the competition out of the water with a ‘Mammoth’ 20GB of data for just $45 per month. It’s an outrageous offer, way ahead of anyone else at this price point.

Is Dodo right for me?

Dodo’s range of products from broadband to insurance have ensured the brand is far more than just another cheap service provider. Its comprehensive suite of plans and add-ons reinforces its reputation as a serious player in this market. Offering good value plans, 4G connectivity and several contract length options (including a phone handset option), Dodo is certainly shaping up well.

Though, there are a few drawbacks. In an ever evolving telco industry, Dodo falls slightly behind some of its biggest low-cost rivals. In the mid-to-high end of plans, where Dodo faces the most competition, it’s pipped in primarily the data stakes. Overall, before deciding on Dodo’s great value plans, you’ll have to compare them to the competition and see what the best offer is out there for you.

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