ADSL Broadband Providers – 2010 Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue September 9th 2010

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* Overall satisfaction is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. Brands with equal overall satisfaction ratings are listed in alphabetical order.
^ Download quota value for money

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Internode number one for broadband satisfaction

Broadband internet is obviously a hot topic, with people who voted in our recent website poll very keen for us to compare broadband providers in terms of customer satisfaction. We’ve heard your requests, and have commissioned Colmar Brunton to get information from ADSL broadband users in a survey of 2,500 people.

These consumers have been loud and clear about their favourite broadband provider.

Internode has won the inaugural Most Satisfied Customers – Broadband ADSL award.

Clearly popular with its customers, Internode led the field in nearly all criteria, including overall satisfaction, speed, reliability of service, billing and download quota value for money.

Dodo achieved a five star rating for price in the comparative rating, with Westnet proving to have the most satisfied customers in tech support/after sale service.

However, the respondents were frustrated with a number of elements of their broadband service.

Speed and reliability are common problems, with consumers bemoaning a lack of both. There was also concern about the price of broadband services, with respondents unhappy with contract periods and plans, with no opportunity take advantage of improvements in download limits and prices as they become available. Additionally, there is concern that they are not getting value for money; with many consumers doubtful they are receiving the speeds they pay for.

Consumers are frustrated by their lack of choice in broadband internet service providers and speeds as a result of where they live. This is particularly true for regional customers, but also people in metropolitan areas who don’t understand why they can’t receive a better service.

Tech support and after sale service was another source of dissatisfaction, with respondents reporting issues with complaint resolution, and communication with helpdesk/service staff. Consumers feel that problems are taking too long to rectify, and that they often find it difficult to make themselves understood, or to understand what is being said to them.

Across the board, men are more satisfied than women with their broadband supplier, with Western Australia the most satisfied state. Customers from New South Wales are the most satisfied with the prices they are receiving.

Baby boomers are the most happy with their broadband service, ahead of generation Y, and then generation X.

Overall satisfaction

Internode have triumphed, with their customers awarding them five stars for overall satisfaction. Westnet, iiNet and iPrimus followed on four stars. TPG, AAPT, Netspace, Optus, Dodo and Telstra BigPond were awarded three stars.


Dodo customers are the most satisfied with the price that they pay, followed by Internode, TPG and iiNet on 4 stars, and Netspace, Westnet, iPrimus, AAPT, Optus and Telstra BigPond on three stars.

Tech support/after sales service

Westnet customers rated their tech support/after sale service the highest, followed by Internode, iiNet and iPrimus on four stars, and AAPT, Optus, Netspace, TPG, Dodo and Telstra BigPond on three stars.


Internode have again come out ahead of their competitors, followed by iiNet and Westnet on four stars, TPG, Dodo, iPrimus, Optus, AAPT, Telstra BigPond and Netspace on three stars.


Again, Internode have been rated five stars by its customers, with Westnet, iiNet and iPrimus on four stars. AAPT, TPG, Optus, Telstra BigPond, Netspace and Dodo received three stars.


Internode customers are the most satisfied with the billing of their provider, followed by Westnet, iiNet, iPrimus and Netspace on four stars, and AAPT, TPG, Dodo, Optus and Telstra BigPond on three stars.

Download quota value for money

Internode continued their dominance of suppliers, with iiNet, Dodo, Westnet, TPG, Netspace, iPrimus, AAPT and Optus on four stars and Telstra BigPond on three stars.