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swimming pool

How to keep your pool secure with safe fencing

What better way to enjoy summer than with a swim? The beach can be fun, but bringing the water to your own backyard means you can spend more time swimming and less time fighting the …

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ryobi lawn mower

Become a weekend warrior with a Ryobi lawn mower

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, a Google search presents a dizzying array of choices, information and jargon that you’re going to have to wrap your head around. Fortunately, Ryobi lawn …

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bosch lawn mower

Bosch: Impressive electric lawn mowers

The Aussie tradition of getting out on a Sunday morning to mow the lawn and annoy the neighbours is a pastime passed down through many generations. You’ve probably got memories of helping your parents mow …

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victa lawnmower

Victa lawn mowers: Cut grass with an Aussie icon

Victa Mowers are as fair-dinkum, true-blue and dinky-di as any other Australian staple. From Vegemite, to the meat pie, Holden cars and Milton mangoes, Victa is “Aussie as anything”. Victa revolutionised the lawn mower into …

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electric mower rover

A Rover mower could be your new best friend

If you ever used to play red rover – or British Bulldog – at school, then you’ll know how good running on freshly-manicured grass felt, much to the groundsman’s ire. Chances are you were running …

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