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Dulux fined for temperature reducing paint claims

Paint giant Dulux must pay penalties totalling $400,000 after being found guilty of making false claims relating to temperature reducing products.

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House renovation story

Home renovation shows turn Aussies to DIY

From couch to hardware store – lots of Aussies are being inspired to decorate their homes after watching their favourite TV shows.

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double glazed glass thumbnail

What glazing should you choose for your home?

When designing a new home, or renovating your existing one, it’s important to pick the right type of glazing for your budget.

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alluminum framed garage door thumbnail

The rise of aluminium framed garage doors

Did you know the type of garage door you have could impact the value of your home? They can be a wise investment.

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how batteries are made

What are batteries made of?

The average household will have dozens of batteries powering various appliances and remotes, but how do they actually work?

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