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Never before has there been such huge competition in the SIM only mobile plan market. The providers today are jostling for a slice of the pie, and are offering increasing data, text and call inclusions to catch your eye. The newest kid on the block is OVO Mobile, offering lots for your pennies.

‘Oh-Vee-Oh’ or ‘Oh-Vo’ – however your pronounce it, is an attractive new carrier offering great bang for buck on the prepaid mobile platform. Prepaid is great for recharging on the go and when you want. OVO Mobile also uses the Optus 4G Network, so you know you’re getting good coverage. However, what can be said for their mobile plans? Get the skinny by reading the OVO Mobile review by Canstar Blue.

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What’s included in OVO Mobile plans?

OVO Mobile has five bring your own mobile plans at five distinct points in the market. Let’s get a quick rundown of them below before going into more detail:

Price Per 30 days What’s included
$9.95 Unlimited texts, $200 of calls, 1GB data
$14.95 Unlimited texts, $500 of calls, 1.5GB data
$24.95 Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data
$34.95 Unlimited calls and texts, 8GB data
$44.95 Unlimited calls and texts, 12GB
Source: OVO Mobile

$9.95 Plan

This cheap phone plan is aimed at parents looking for something suitable for their kids. However, we’re sure a lot of adults would also see supreme value in it. For less than $10 over 30 days, you get unlimited national texts, $200 credit for standard national calls and a healthy 1GB of data. With this plan you also get a lifetime subscription to Family Zone – a cyber-safety application that enables you to maintain control over your child’s mobile phone habits and keep them safe online. This enables you to block inappropriate content and limit downloads so you don’t blow out your data allowance in no time.

$14.95 Plan

The $14.95 plan is a small step up in monetary terms, but an important one. Here you’ll get $500 call value, unlimited texts and 1.5GB data. Is that extra $5 worth an extra $300 calls and 500MB data? We suspect so, and a lot of people are bound to be excited by this plan.

As for credit allowances, national calls on both dollar-capped plans are charged at:

  • 99c a minute, plus 40c flagfall
  • A 10 minute phone call costs $10.30
  • This means you can make: Over 48 10 minute calls with the $14.95 plan or over 19 10 minute calls with the $9.95 plan.
  • This of course gets better in value the longer your call is because of the 40c flagfall

With either dollar-capped plan you choose, you still get monumental value. For those of us with curious kids or only a need for light use, these plans could fit the bill.

$24.95 Plan

For less than $25, OVO Mobile have crammed a lot into this good-value, no-frills plan. You won’t be blindsided by gimmicky bonuses or confusing discounts here – what you see is what you get. This plan is like a good old trusty ute – it will do everything you need to get done. 2GB of data at this price point is a great inclusion, but stay tuned to find out if you could get more for your money when we compare this offer to other plans out there.

$34.95 Plan

For merely a tenner more, OVO Mobile has upped the ante with the data inclusions. At this price, 8GB of data is an outstanding inclusion, and will get you through even the dreariest of rainy days on the way to and from work or school. Put your headphones in on the train, and forget the person next to you stinks and is munching loudly on chips. You’ve got 8GB of data at your disposal for social media and cat videos, so you’re clearly winning.

$44.95 Plan

For another blue note, this plan steps it up yet again with 12GB of included data. As far as we’re concerned, this is great value and the sky is pretty much the limit with how much browsing you can do with 12GB. At under $50, this plan includes a lot.

What else is included in OVO Mobile plans?

As the competition is so great in the Aussie mobile plan market, providers are not just settling on calls, texts and data anymore. OVO Mobile is one of those providers who aren’t settling. With the three plans mentioned earlier, you’ll also get:

  • Unlimited OVOTime: This means that you can stream unlimited amounts of sport from OVO’s partners. Currently this extends to V8 Supercars, Audi Sport Customer Racing and Gymnastics Australia. Motorsport season is upon us, so if you’re a revhead then you might seriously get a kick from OVO.
  • An Australian call centre: This way you can get your queries sorted faster, with better peace of mind.

The inclusion of these unlimited sports streams is seriously an enticing offer – especially if you’re a motorsports enthusiast. OVO Mobile is also expanding, so you may see the range of partners extend over time.

How does OVO Mobile compare to other providers?

Many of us get anxious about jumping ship to another telco. “I’ve been with XYZ Mobile for 10 years – why should I change now?” you might ask. As the competition expands, so too does the need to shop around to save dollars and get more mileage out of your mobile. OVO Mobile has packed a lot into their plans, but how do they compare to other prepaid telcos? Let’s find out.

$9.95 Plan compared

You’ll find that this plan from OVO is the cheapest full-term prepaid plan to offer at least 1GB data. While you’ll have to look out for other providers offering the same sort of deal but over 7 or 10 days, OVO packs in the value over 30 days. Here OVO competes with Kogan, Yomojo and TPG, all of which offer similar data allowances but for a fair bit more money. At this price point, every dollar counts and OVO is leading the way. However, Kogan and Yomojo both offer unlimited calls, which may be better value for you.

$14.95 Plan compared

It’s much the same story with the $14.95 plan. With 500MB more data, and $300 more in calls, you’ll have to weigh up if paying that extra $5 is worth it – we suspect yes. Kogan closely resembles this offer in price, but with less data, yet more calls. TPG is a similar scenario, but slaps you with a $10 upfront fee. ALDI Mobile is also interesting as its $75 call value is made up for by its low 10c/minute national call rates. Again, OVO leads the pack, but you may find merit in unlimited calls from Kogan.

$24.95 Plan compared

OVO’s most basic unlimited plan includes a fair amount, but it’s a bit of an anomaly in OVO’s line-up in that it’s not exactly a winner. In this case, OVO competes with Yomojo, ALDI and Kogan again. Here OVO sits in the middle of the road, but for $4.95 more you can get an extra 1GB of data by going with Kogan. However, Kogan operates on the Vodafone network, which may be of importance to some people.

$34.95 Plan compared

As we approach the mid-range market, the competition is blown open and there are a lot more providers vying for your dollars. OVO Mobile in this bracket competes primarily with TPG, ALDI Mobile and Kogan Mobile. OVO works out to be the best value here, with the most data for the cheapest price. However, ALDI offers international call minutes as well as the ability to rollover your data, which may or may not be important to you. TPG slugs you with a $10 setup fee, but the first month is free, so there’s a little bit of ‘this’ and a little bit of ‘that’. Take your pick.

$44.95 Plan compared

At this mid-high end of the market, part with around $45-$50 and you should expect to see 10GB of data in your inclusions. OVO goes one better – well two better – and offers 12GB. Here, OVO competes again with TPG, Kogan and now Yomojo. They are all great value, but OVO has to take the cake here with the best data inclusion for the best price. Moreover, there are no pesky setup fees or confusing bonuses.

Is OVO Mobile good value?

With a concise offering of five prepaid plans, OVO Mobile can certainly be praised for offering easy to understand deals with no strings attached. Prepaid seems to be where the best value and terms can be had (i.e. no lock-in contracts and flexibility) and OVO seems well-placed to succeed. They compete with a suite of low-cost providers, and hold themselves extremely well against some fierce competition. With OVO Mobile, there are no confusing bonuses, pesky setup fees or tricky terms and conditions – just a lot of data for good value.

Further, limitless data for sports streaming is usually only reserved for the big telcos. OVO has put a very nice cherry on top with unlimited OVOPlay with their partners. If you’re into motorsports or gymnastics, then you’ve probably already heard of OVO Mobile, but if not, then they could be the provider for you. Seriously, unlimited streaming of the Supercars?! What more could you want this summer? For many people, OVO Mobile could be their new favourite provider.

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