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Your home is your castle, but it needs looking after to stay that way. Canstar Blue produces dozens of annual ratings reports to help you make the best purchases, whether it’s pillows or mattresses for your bedroom, lawn mowers or barbecues for the back yard, or every type of cleaning product you can think of. 

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Calculator with Australian money and pen

What is the average water bill?

Not only is water a resource we often take for granted, it’s a household utility bill we begrudgingly have to pay every few months, while costs only ever seem to go in one direction. This …

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Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

A pool can turn into an of oasis in the harsh Australian summertime. Its blue water and relaxing aura can be the antidote to the otherwise dreadful southern-hemisphere heat. But unlike an oasis, pools require …

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Person paying utility bill with mobile phone

What is a Utility Bill?

You’ve probably come across the term ‘utility bill’ before and scratched your head. What does it mean and why should you care? In this Canstar Blue guide we run you through the different types of …

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Toilette etiquette

Should toilet paper go over or under? Survey settles Aussies’ most divisive bathroom habits

Whether it’s leaving the toilet seat up or not replacing finished loo rolls, new research found that bad bathroom habits can dump a load of stress on households, with two in five Aussies (38%) admitting …

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Top 10 Thermomix alternatives you can buy

If you want a Thermomix, you know you’ll have to pay through the nose. Top-of-the-line models retail for upwards of $2,000 and frankly not everyone can afford this luxury.

Now, if you’ve been living under a …

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