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Best hot water bottle top 10

Top 10 hot water bottles to buy this winter

Posted by June 30th 2020

Curling up in bed in winter and binge watching your favourite Netflix shows is even better when you have a cute water bottle in there with you to keep you nice and warm. In fact, …


Fireplace Buying Guide

Posted by June 30th 2020

When you think of winter, chances are you think of curling up in front of a fire with a blanket, a hot drink and a good book. While some regions of Australia may only need …

Cheap fire pits to buy this winter

Cheap outdoor fire pits to buy this winter

Posted by June 30th 2020

‘Tis the season of making s’mores for the family and relaxing with mates under the stars, but the winter chill can really be a buzz kill. That’s where an outdoor portable fire pit is the …

Calculator with Australian money and pen

What is the average water bill?

Posted by June 30th 2020

Not only is water a resource we often take for granted, it’s a household expense we begrudgingly have to pay every few months, while costs only ever seem to go in one direction. This leads to …

Woman sitting in warm house

12 ways to help get your home winter ready

Posted by June 30th 2020

For some, the winter months are the perfect time of year. Your bed feels comfier, your winter wardrobe turns heads and you live for snuggling in front of a fireplace with a good book and …

Person washing hands in sink

Water Rates in Sydney

Posted by June 30th 2020

Sydneysiders are blessed with some of Australia’s cleanest water, most of which is sourced naturally from Lake Burragorang at Warragamba. From here, water undergoes stringent testing and is filtered to ensure water quality is of …


Printer Buying Guide

Posted by June 30th 2020

While many of us will prefer to work in a paperless environment, some jobs are just done better with paper, meaning having a printer on hand in your home office can help save you from …

Young boy playing in water in backyard

Water Rates in Brisbane

Posted by June 30th 2020

Queenslanders know a thing or two about water. Whether it’s running through garden sprinklers as children or opening those dreaded bills as adults, you simply can’t escape H2O in the Sunshine State. Although it’s easy …

Running tap water

Water Bills Explained

Posted by June 30th 2020

Whether you’re taking a shower or a sip, it can be easy to forget that water comes with a price tag. And while most Australians have been taught to conserve our most precious resource from …