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ALDI selling velvet chair for under $100

Posted by September 11th 2018

Get ready to revamp your home as ALDI launches its new ‘Style Your Room’ Special Buys. The supermarket giant is bringing three contemporary homeware collections to the middle aisle this Wednesday (September 5), one of which …

IKEA’s “most popular” furniture items

Posted by September 11th 2018

A weekend trip to IKEA means hours walking around the showroom trying to find something you like. Fortunately, the Swedish furniture retailer is making some of the decision-making a little bit easier by providing a …

ALDI rolls out its lawn mower and other gardening gear

Posted by October 16th 2018

The weather is warming up, and the grass is starting to grow, so ALDI’s lawn mower Special Buy event is here. This Saturday (September 1), ALDI’s middle aisles will feature lawn mowers and other garden essentials, …

How you can sell your old furniture back to IKEA

Posted by September 11th 2018

Swedish homewares goliath IKEA has announced a new take-back service, allowing Australian consumers to sell back their old furniture. Launched in Sydney’s Tempe store, IKEA states that shoppers can bring back their old IKEA furniture in …

electric blanket buying guide

How to Find The Best Electric Blanket

Posted by November 14th 2018

When winter comes calling, it’s time to get out the electric blanket. But which brand is best and where can you find the cheapest deals? Read our review.

Housekeeper with washing machine

A guide to heat pump clothes dryers

Posted by November 14th 2018

Heat pump dryers are often name-dropped as the best appliance for drying your clothes. So how energy-efficient are they?

The robot that can make IKEA furniture

Posted by May 30th 2018

Flicking through numerous pages of instructions and becoming increasingly frustrated as you try to build your furniture could become a thing of the past. That’s because scientists from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore) …

What your roof says about your home

Posted by April 9th 2018

Roofing is vital to a comfortable living space. Plus, they add a unique sense of charm and character to your home. But when it comes time to renovate, the humble roof is often neglected in …