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Pool pump operating in pool

Pool Pump Running Costs Explained

Posted by February 1st 2021

Swimming is a rite of passage in Australia, which helps explain why so many of us love dipping our feet in the water, particularly during the summer months. In fact, there are more than 1.1 …

Couple Moving House

Moving House Costs Explained

Posted by February 22nd 2021

So, you’re moving house. Whether it’s your first time leaving the nest and you’re renting a share house with friends, flying solo in an apartment, a couple looking for a family home, or anything in …

Senior couple outdoors taking selfie

The best phones for seniors and pensioners

Posted by March 24th 2021

Phones are both a complicated and expensive thing to look into. It’s easy to end up spending far too much money on a phone you won’t use much, or spending too little on a phone …

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Ceiling Fans Review & Buying Guide

Posted by February 1st 2021

Are you a big fan of ceiling fans? We explain different kinds of ceiling fans, how they work, and whether they’re worth it at Canstar Blue.

girl texting housemates

A share house guide to electricity

Posted by January 27th 2021

You and a mate you’ve known since high school have decided to start a share house together. You’ve found a random stranger on Facebook to take the worst room, and are now spending half of …

Young boy playing in water in backyard

Water Rates in Brisbane

Posted by November 17th 2020

Queenslanders know a thing or two about water. Whether it’s running through garden sprinklers as children or opening those dreaded bills as adults, you simply can’t escape H2O in the Sunshine State. Although it’s easy …

Fuse Boxes and Switchboards Explained

Posted by March 30th 2021

Not entirely sure what your fuse box does? Learn everything you need to know about meter boxes, switchboards and more with Canstar Blue.

Where to buy packing materials for moving house

Posted by January 27th 2021

Moving can be a massive process, but it’s not until you actually start packing that you realise just how big of a job it can really be. While there’s plenty that will need your attention, …

How to clean your oven

How to clean your oven from top to bottom

Posted by October 21st 2020

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning, and least of all when it’s time to give the oven a little TLC. It’s a chore easy to ignore, but leaving it too long can have dire …