Should you buy outdoor blinds?

Selling up or looking to improve your home? Before you put your home on the market, or start searching for a bigger abode, consider outdoor blinds. These simple, cost effective solutions provide improved comfort, versatility and energy efficiency to your home, no matter how big or small. Here are the top four reasons to put your blinds on the outside over the inside, writes Kevin Pobjie.

Added Insulation

Did you know that 25% of your home’s heating and cool is lost through your windows? Outdoor blinds add an extra layer to the skin of your home, protecting against harsh sun rays, cold winds and even rain, keeping your home at a more regular temperature year round. For homes in exposed positions, there are a range of outdoor blinds that can even withstand winds of up to 60km per hour. If you live in an older home where adding wall insulation may be a difficult and costly process, consider increasing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort with outdoor blinds.

Increased space versatility

Outdoor blinds not only help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, they add to its comfort. They can be drawn to make a north facing room or patio more liveable during the hot summer months, raised again to make way for the evening breeze, or light in winter.

Enhance the style of your home

Adding comfort to your home doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Outdoor blinds come in a range of designs from straight drop to pivoted styles and deep channel blinds. The style you choose will depend on a number of factors including the style of your home, how often you want to use the blinds and the position of your home, it’s exposure to the elements. You can choose blinds that add to your home, or a simple style that can be tucked away out of sight.

Awnings save space

The urban Australian home is shrinking in size, meaning the amount of outdoor space we have to enjoy is also minimal. Make the most of your living space by merging the indoors and the outdoors with outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds allow you to open up your indoor living space to fresh air, breezes and nature, while protecting your from harsh sunlight and creepy crawlies like mosquitos. The best of both worlds in a small space.

Upgrading your home can be a costly and difficult journey. Whether you’re looking for more space, improved comfort or better energy efficiency, outdoor blinds might just do the trick.

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