Alternatives to mowing the lawn


It’s clear that for those who strive to have a clean cut, neatly mowed lawn, the Honda lawn mower is a standout, according to our most recent results. Those who had purchased a Honda lawn mower in the last few years were most satisfied overall with their purchase. The brand also took out the consumer-determined top position for value for money, reliability and performance, ease of start, maintenance and servicing, and after-sales service.

Mowing the lawnIt seems, however, that many of us dread the thought of getting out into the yard in the first place, and trimming the ever-growing lawn.

A total of 20% of us have let the grass grow so long that our lawn mowers can’t handle the task of cutting it, with Gen Y’s being the biggest culprits – 40% confessing to having done this before.

So, what are the options if you’ve grown sick of maintaining your lawn but are not yet ready to go down the wall-to-wall paving or synthetic grass route?

Here are some of the alternatives:

Moss Garden

For those who can relate to this statistic, perhaps the best option for you would be the moss garden! Have you ever considered replacing your lawn with moss? It has been found to be easy to cultivate and involves no mowing whatsoever. The moss forms a dense mat, which is very favourable for your feet.

You’ll need to consider the texture and size of the soil, as smoothness of soil is vital in assisting the growth of moss. Then, maintaining your garden only involves ensuring the moss is in a good place to grow – this involves sunlight, moisture and a temperature about 20 degrees. With these conditions met, photosynthesis will take care of the rest.

A moss garden may be necessary for the 30% of those surveyed who admitted to not having the time to maintain their gardens, or for the 15% who hired someone to mow their lawn just so they didn’t have to do it themselves. Only seven per cent of Baby Boomers who were surveyed hire someone else to do this job, while 30% of Gen Ys choose to use the service of a gardener.

Green Carpet Rupturewort

Another alternative to a grass lawn is Green Carpet Rupturewort (or Herniaria glabra, for those in the know). Known for its abundance of little leaves that grow in a low, flat manner, it is ideal for anyone sick of mowing, but still loves the idea of keeping an evergreen carpet in your yard. One plant can comfortably spread out to 60 centimetres, so depending on the size of your lawn, it’s unlikely you’ll be needing to buy too many of these plants.

Green Carpet might be a wise choice for the 31% of Gen Y’s surveyed who have/come close to seriously hurting themselves while using a lawn mower. Not surprisingly, 48% of Gen Y’s claim that mowing the lawn is their least favourite chore.


For those that are fed up with the constant need to mow the lawn but are not ready to ditch the grass entirely, why not consider an eco-lawn mix of grasses and flowering plants. All mixes offer a low-water and super low maintenance lawn that can be left to grow, and still appear visually appealing.

This might be the option for the 26% of those surveyed who despise mowing to the extent where they claim that they would go so far as to not buy a corner block due to the amount of lawn to mow. New South Wales folks seem to be the most afraid of having a large lawn to mow, with 30% avoiding corner blocks for this very reason.

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