Should toilet paper go over or under? Survey settles Aussies’ most divisive bathroom habits

Whether it’s leaving the toilet seat up or not replacing finished loo rolls, new research found that bad bathroom habits can dump a load of stress on households, with two in five Aussies (38%) admitting to getting annoyed by people and family members who don’t use proper toilet etiquette.

Canstar Blue’s latest survey* has also finally revealed the answers to the most divisive questions clogging our minds: should you scrunch or fold toilet paper? And should TP fall over or under the holder?

Toilet habits

Australia is a nation of ‘folders’, with 60% of people saying they prefer to fold toilet paper, according to our research. The majority were blokes (70%), while 53% of ladies preferred the folding technique.

Just a fifth of respondents (20%) considered themselves a ‘scruncher’, while 15% sat in both camps and use both methods.

Most people surveyed also said toilet paper should go over the roll holder (62%) rather than under (13%), although a handful didn’t care either way (20%).

Toilet etiquette

Women were more likely to get annoyed when others don’t follow proper toilet etiquette (41%), compared to men (32%) and those who identify as non-binary (33%). A higher portion of females also regarded themselves as considerate to others when using the loo (41%).

But, if there is something many Australians can agree on, it’s that all toilets should have an air freshener (51%) for obvious reasons.

Our survey also found that a chunk of Aussies try to avoid using public toilets (45%). This was partly as a result of seeing others use poor bathroom etiquette (13%), but mostly because restrooms were seen as dirty (43%) and full of germs (35%).

Two-fifths (41%) of respondents even cover the seat with toilet paper or hover over the bowl (32%), and 27% use their elbows instead of their hands to touch surfaces.

*Survey based on consumers who’ve recently purchased and used toilet paper in the last month ─ in this case, 2,338.

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