Vodafone offers free NBN to struggling families

Vodafone has announced it will partner with NBN Co to offer eligible families free NBN access in the coming months.

The telco will offer a special Education Assistance NBN plan to low-income families with school-aged children, designed to take the financial pressure off during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Vodafone will provide qualifying homes with free access to its Essential BYO Plan from now through to 30 September, 2020, making it easier for children to learn from home and stay connected with teachers and classmates.

What is Vodafone’s $0 Education Assistance plan?

Vodafone’s specialised NBN plan includes unlimited data on the NBN 25 speed tier, which offers a typical evening speed of 22Mbps during peak traffic times (7pm – 11pm). This plan is ideal for school-aged children and families who don’t have heavy streaming or downloading needs, and can help to keep struggling households connected during these challenging times.

Eligible customers will pay a special $0 monthly price through to 30 September, provided you’re happy to bring your own compatible modem. At the end of September, you’ll have the option of staying connected at the standard $65 per month price point, switching to a different Vodafone plan, or cancelling your service completely. As Vodafone’s plans are all month-to-month, you can leave at any time without incurring early termination or exit fees.

Vodafone will offer the free NBN plan to customers who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Are a recipient of the Jobseeker or Family Tax Benefit Part A or B
  • Have at least one school-age child living in the home
  • Have not had an NBN service active at their address with any provider since 1 March, 2020.

If you’re currently on any active NBN plan, you’re unlikely to qualify for Vodafone’s Education Assistance. To apply or simply check your eligibility, head over to Vodafone’s website and select the Live Chat option, or give the telco a call.

Vodafone’s Education Assistance NBN offer joins its Stay Connected mobile plan  in providing relief to customers currently experiencing financial hardship. The plan is available to eligible customers for a three-month period, and includes unlimited standard talk and text and 3GB of full-speed data for $10 per month.

Vodafone NBN plans

Even if you’re not eligible for Vodafone’s $0 plan, you can still grab a six month discount on any of the telco’s three unlimited data NBN plans. New customers will receive $10 off their NBN plan each month for the first six months of service, saving you a total of $60.

With the $10 discount applied, you’ll pay $55 per month for NBN 25, $65 per month for NBN 50, and $85 monthly for NBN 100 speeds. Be aware that prices will revert back to the full standard cost after your first six months.

All plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, so you’re free to cancel at any time. However, if you opt to bundle in Vodafone’s WiFi Hub modem with 4G backup – normally $5 per month for 36 months, but free if you stay on your plan for a full three years –  you’ll need to pay off the remaining balance for your device.

The following table shows a selection of published unlimited Vodafone NBN plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard monthly cost, from the lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products which may contain links to a referral partner.

NBN 25 plans compared

Vodafone is one of several telcos to confirm participation in NBN Co’s $150 million coronavirus relief package, and joins Aussie Broadband and Superloop in offering specialised plans to low-income families.

While these plans require an application process and supporting documentation, there are several other competitive NBN 25 plans on the market for all customers that won’t break the bank. We’ve compiled several options from leading providers below.

Unlimited Standard Evening Speed (NBN 25) Plans

The following table shows a selection of published unlimited Standard Evening Speed (NBN 25) plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard monthly cost (excluding discounts), from the lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool above to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

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