Who is Dodo?

Who is Dodo?Dodo Power and Gas is a wholly Australian owned and operated gas and electricity provider that operates in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT.  Dodo Electricity is available in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, while Dodo Gas is available in Victoria, though the company has plans to expand their offerings across south-east Australia in the near future.*

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Dodo was originally founded in September of 2001 by Larry Kestelman, originally operating as a small internet service provider before rapidly expanding into a variety of other services.   Dodo Electricity originally launched in Victoria in June of 2010, then expanded into New South Wales and Queensland in July of the following year and South Australia in March of 2014.  Dodo Gas became first available in December of 2012.

Dodo offers the unique advantage of allowing its customers to deal with a single company for almost all utilities, including home phone, mobile services, broadband internet, electricity, gas and even insurance.

Dodo was acquired by the M2 Group on 2013, one of the fastest growing companies in Australia as named by BRW Magazine and Deloitte Technology.

What our survey respondents say about Dodo

In Canstar Blue’s most recent electricity providers survey sought the opinions of more than 4,400 electricity customers across the country. Some of the comments from customers of Dodo were as follows:

Reliable service and offer 15% discount when paying on time. No bells and whistles like ability to view daily power usage via website.
They are easy to get on with, and cheap. Still too expensive but that’s probably not entirely their fault.
Good billing system, quick to respond to enquiries. It’s hard work talking to someone at the call centre.
Easy to understand, good rates, easy to access support. Bill smoothening not allowed.  You have to pay the whole invoice in one go.
Convenient with the monthly payment system. Sometimes difficult to communicate with them.
They are pleasant to deal with, forgiving and flexible. Don’t really understand the bills when they arrive, and don’t know if they’re accurate.

Source: Canstar Blue Electricity Providers survey 2015, conducted by Colmar Brunton

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