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Your complete guide to OVO Mobile

Telecommunications provider OVO Mobile provides a range of mobile and mobile data options paired with its OVOPlay data-free streaming service. OVO states that it believes “that fans should come first” and that it is “not like every other telco”.

“When we say we promise to be ‘fans first’ it means we’ll sign you up on our best deal, but more importantly we’ll keep moving you onto our best plan,” OVO states.

“You don’t have to do the leg work to know what our competitors are up to, we promise to keep sharpening our prices and throwing more into our plans and we’ll automatically give this to you. We’re bringing sportsmanship to telcos because we reckon that’s what the fans deserve.”

What does OVO Mobile offer?

In addition to its mobile plan allowances, OVO’s OVO Time allows users to stream content via its OVOPlay app without using their monthly data allowance.

“When we sign-up new media partners, as long as you’re on our team you’ll have access to everything they have,” OVO states. “With OVO you’ll have to get used to coming first – every time.”

Mobile services

OVO’s mobile offerings comprise prepaid, SIM-only, bring-your-own device mobile and mobile data plans. OVO’s mobile plans come with a range of different data inclusions, along with unlimited standard calling and unlimited text messages anywhere in Australia.

Customers can also purchase additional credit for using their phone while overseas with OVO Roaming, and can purchase OVO Extras for additional credit for calls to a range of numbers not included upon signing up, including international calls and text messages.

OVO’s OVO for Tablet data-only plans, meanwhile, offer a range of different data inclusions, catering to different levels of usage. Customers in need of extra data also have the option of purchasing a data top-up to see them through to their next recharge.

All of OVO’s mobile plans come with OVO Time, with media accessed via the OVOPlay app.

“When you sign-up to OVO you’re guaranteed heaps of data,” OVO states. “Plus you get unlimited OVO Time – that’s a separate allowance so that you can stream sport and entertainment on OVOPlay without touching your monthly data allowance.

“Some of our awesome media partners have also set up an OVO Zone on their website – that’s a place where you can also watch anything you like for free using your unlimited OVO Time allowance.”

Consumers can find information on OVO’s media partners via its website.

OVO’s mobile services are delivered via the Optus 4G Plus network, with consumers able to check coverage via the OVO website, searching by both address and area.


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Account management

OVO’s My Account service provides customers with a number of tools via which they can monitor and manage their account. Via My Account, customers can:

  • Monitor how much data they have left (or see what they’re using their OVO Time for)
  • Purchase a data top-up or manually recharge
  • Purchase an OVO Extras pack
  • Monitor OVO Extras credit

Customers can access OVO’s My Account service via the OVO website.

Customer service and bill payment options

OVO provides a range of information via its website, addressing various topics via its FAQs section, with consumers also able to use the website’s search engine to search for specific queries.

Consumers can get in touch with OVO via its website’s webchat function, and also have the option of contacting OVO by phone. OVO also maintains a presence on, and can be contacted via, social media websites Facebook and Twitter.

For bill payments, OVO accepts credit card payment by Visa or MasterCard.

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