Spotify app shown on laptop, tablet and smartphone screens with Spotify logo in front

Spotify launches new plan for couples, Premium Duo

Posted by July 23rd 2020

As streaming music and video is the standard go-to for our entertainment needs, many streaming platforms have struggled to strike the balance between pricing their plans competitively, while also trying to avoid the login sharing …

Facebook Messenger face ID

Facebook announces new privacy features for Messenger on phones

Posted by July 23rd 2020

Facebook has announced some new privacy features for phones using the Messenger app on iPhone and Android platforms. These features are available right now on iPhone versions of the Messenger app, while Android users will …

What is Zoom

Everything you need to know about Zoom

Posted by May 1st 2020

So here's the problem. Everybody is in isolation and a long weekend is coming up - one of the few times a year some people get to see family and unwind with them! If only …

Social media apps

Messenger apps to help you stay in touch with loved ones

Posted by April 7th 2020

While there’s no shortage of options for keeping in contact with people in the modern world, leaving you no excuse not to call your mum (she just misses you), the majority of us would no …

App store

What is the Coronavirus Australia app?

Posted by April 2nd 2020

Getting accurate, relevant and verified information about the coronavirus outbreak can prove difficult, especially as details are changing daily. To help with this issue, the Federal Government has released the Coronavirus Australia app to be …

Working with App

Best apps to help you stay productive at home

Posted by September 28th 2020

Try as we might, working from home sometimes doesn’t include a lot of working. It’s easy to be distracted – there’s washing to be done, the pantry needs to be re-organised, and the allure of …

Couple at the movies

10 best apps for movie lovers in 2020

Posted by September 28th 2020

There’s something magical about a good movie, whether you’re seeing it on the big screen for the first time or you’re re-watching it for the 50th time on Netflix with your friends. These days, our …