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Review of AusBBS broadband plans

Formed in 2012, AusBBS was one of the first internet service providers to launch with a specific focus on providing NBN based plans. It was spruiked as the first cloud-based ISP and in 2013 became the first to offer an unlimited NBN plan. Since then a swag of other providers have introduced unlimited NBN plans and today AusBBS is often a leader of the pack. AusBBS operates off the AAPT network (part of the TPG family) and also offers ADSL internet, as well as various Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) home phone plans. Let’s see what AusBBS has to offer in more detail with this review and comparison.


AusBBS Internet Plans

Connection Type Inclusions Price Per Month
NBN Fibre 12/1 Speed $55
25/5 Speed $65
50/20 Speed $75
100/40 Speed $85
NBN Fixed Wireless PAYG data after 10GB $39.95°
50GB $45.95°
200GB $55.95°
Unlimited data $66.95°
ADSL PAYG data after 10GB $29.95
Unlimited data $39.85
Unlimited data plus line rental $59.75
ADSL Zone 1 & Regional PAYG data after 10GB $39*
50GB data $40*
200GB data $50*
Unlimited data $55*
Unlimited data plus line rental $79.85*

°Prices vary based on speed tier choice

*Prices extra for regional broadband plans

AusBBS NBN Plans

AusBBS’s NBN lineup is deadly simple. All plans are unlimited, and you simply pay extra based on what speed tier you prefer. There are no activation fees, and you have the choice of either having a modem supplied, or bringing your owned. Getting one from AusBBS will cost $59.95 plus $15 delivery, whereas supplying your own will cost nothing. The NBN’s first ‘Superfast’ speed (25/5) comes in at $65, and you’ll simply pay an extra $10 a month for each speed jump.

Beyond just NBN, AusBBS also offers some NBN plans bundled with home phone call packs. These phone bundles are only available on 12/1 and 25/5 speeds, and are as follows:

  • $59.95: Unlimited data with PAYG calls – national and local calls 20c untimed, mobiles 27c/minute, international rates from 1.9c/minute
  • $69.95: Unlimited data with national and local calls included, calls to mobile 22c/minute, international rates from 1.9c/minute
  • $79.95: Unlimited data, national and local calls included, mobiles 15c/minute, unlimited calls to 11 countries
  • $89.95: Unlimited data, local, national and mobile calls included, unlimited calls to 11 countries

The above prices are for 12/1 speeds – for 25/5 speeds expect to pay an extra $10 a month. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer below:

AusBBS NBN Fixed Wireless Plans

AusBBS also offers fixed wireless plans, which are great for those living more rurally with access to NBN Co’s fixed wireless service. You get the same great speed tiers – barring 100/40 – and with a variety of pricing options. The prices in the table above are for 12/1 speeds, but for 25/5 speeds, expect to pay an extra $9-$10 a month, and for 50/20 speeds expect to pay an extra $20 a month or so, with the addition of a 500GB costing $94.95. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to pay:


If you’re still connected to the loveable old ADSL copper connections, AusBBS also has a concise range of plans on the service. You’ll also pay $125 upfront for every plan.

  • PAYG costs a minimum of $29.95 a month, of which you’ll get 10GB, then you’ll pay 85c/GB, which can work out to be quite cost effective and would be suited to a light user
  • Unlimited data is $39.85, but doesn’t include line rental. You’ll need an active phone connection, and you’re free to shop around for a home phone plan elsewhere, OR:
  • AusBBS offers unlimited data plus line rental for $59.75, which is an extra $19.90 over the ADSL-only plan

With AusBBS, regional customers are also covered, but you will pay extra. Here’s an example of the price differences you can expect to pay across metro ADSL plans, Zone 1 plans and regional plans:

AusBBS VoIP Plans

If you’re not hunting around for an internet plan but looking for a VoIP plan, AusBBS also has you covered. Its range consists of five plans, with varying degrees of inclusions:

  • Starter – $9.95: PAYG local and national calls 10c untimed, mobiles 27c/minute, international rates from 1.9c/minute
  • National – $14.95: Local and national calls, mobiles 22c/minute, international from 1.9c/minute
  • Home Plus – $19.95: Local and national calls, mobiles 22c/minute, untimed to 8 countries, 20c calls to 13 other countries
  • Asia Max – $19.95: Local and national calls, mobiles 22c/minute, 7 Asian countries free calling, including to mobiles
  • Unlimited – $39.95: Local and national calls, mobiles 22c/minute, unlimited calls to 15 countries included

How does AusBBS compare to other providers?

AusBBS compares pretty well across the board, but its NBN fibre plans stand out the most, and are some of the cheapest out there. Nevertheless, let’s see how AusBBS stacks up with all of its plans.

AusBBS NBN Fibre Plans Compared

AusBBS is one of the cheapest providers to offer unlimited data on NBN Tier 1, competing alongside the likes of SpinTel, Exetel and Inspired Broadband. AusBBS is right on the money at $55 per month, and at that price it is tough to beat. However, keep an eye out for set-up fees, and AusBBS excels here because it has none.

For Tier 2, it’s much the same story. While you can expect to pay a little more per month, AusBBS again stacks up very well. Inspired Broadband is in the ranks again, while Motion NBN and Tangerine Telecom also make an appearance. Again it’s tough to beat AusBBS here.

On Tier 3 speeds, AusBBS is again onto a winner with its plan including unlimited data for $75 a month. You’ll also be subject to no contracts and no set-up fees, which are great perks -considering many other providers are on lengthy contracts and may charge set-up fees. AusBBS competes with some familiar faces such as Tangerine and Motion, but Teleron is also very competitive here.

The final and fastest speed tier, Tier 4, affords 100/40 speeds and a price tag to match in many cases. While AusBBS is competitive at under $90 a month, MyRepublic offers some extremely competitive plans starting at around $60 per month. Motion and Exetel round out the list with plan offerings under $90 a month as well. AusBBS again benefits from having no lengthy contracts and no set-up fees.

AusBBS Fixed Wireless NBN Plans Compared

If your house is on a fixed wireless NBN network then you may be surprised to know there are a number of service providers offering plans on the connection that are exactly the same as plans on their regular NBN fibre connections. That is to say, they are the same price with the same inclusions. Unfortunately, AusBBS doesn’t look to be one of them, and lags behind a bit against the cheapest to provide unlimited data. Keep an eye out for bargain-basement providers such as Barefoot Telecom, Tangerine and Mate Communicate. Additionally, these providers tend to offer free setup with no extra upfront costs. AusBBS charges nearly $100 to set-up your plan here.

AusBBS ADSL Plans Compared

Meto-living customers might benefit most from AusBBS’s ADSL plans. While regional customers will have to pay extra, metro customers who choose AusBBS will be afforded one of the cheapest ADSL plans to offer unlimited data, at less than $40 a month. While you will be subject to a set-up fee, many other providers also charge a set-up fee at this price range. Here AusBBS competes alongside familiar face Inspired Broadband, as well as Dodo and Barefoot Telecom.

It should be noted that these providers do not include line rental as part of the package – AusBBS charges nearly $60 for a plan that includes line rental, and it may be worth shopping around. This is because in many cases line rental is an unfortunate, unavoidable reality of buying an ADSL plan even if you don’t need a home phone. Alternatively with AusBBS you can source your own phone line, but it must be an active one with a Telstra connection.

Is an AusBBS internet plan right for me?

AusBBS’s most competitive plans come in fibre NBN guise, and while other connection types aren’t bad value by any stretch, AusBBS does fail to stack up to some of the cheaper providers. What’s more is its ADSL plans charge for line rental where many other providers include this, and across most of AusBBS’s plans there are set-up fees in segments of the market where other providers charge nothing.

AusBBS is one of the cheapest unlimited broadband providers in Australia, but in a market where every dollar and cent counts, there are other providers that may slightly edge the Aussie telco out in terms of price. Overall it’s worth comparing a range of different providers and finding a plan that’s right for you.

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