Hello Broadband Internet Plans Review

The NBN providers market is jam packed full of providers whose names are sometimes quite interesting and a little bit zany. You might not have heard of Hello Broadband, but its name stands out, and its plans just might as well. Now a specialist in NBN, Hello has been running since 2005. To get a rundown of what Hello Broadband has to offer, review and compare its plans below with Canstar Blue.


Hello Broadband NBN Plans

Hello Broadband has three NBN plans available, and all have unlimited data. In this instance, your choice of speed tier dictates how much you pay per month.

  • 12/1 – $57.95
  • 25/5 – $59.95
  • 50/20 – $74.95

As you can see, three NBN speed tiers are available, with the notable exception being the fastest tier – 100/40. Hello Broadband, although a new player to the NBN space, aims to set itself apart by offering the following:

  • An Aussie customer support call centre
  • Simple, flexible plans: you get a choice of contract, you have the option of bundling in phone calls or no phone calls, you can BYO router or choose to have one supplied
  • Month-to-month plans carry a $49.99 upfront set up fee
  • 12 month plans come with no set-up fee
  • 24 month plans come with the added benefit of having the 12th and 24th months free, meaning if you stick around you effectively only pay for 22 months

Perhaps the most notable feature of these plans is that they’re available on a variety of NBN deliveries, from FTTN (fibre to the node), FTTP (fibre to the premises), as well as fixed wireless and several other methods. Here is how the plans look on the NBN 12 speed connection with various call packs and other inclusions added in:

Hello Broadband Call Packs & Modems

Hello offers three call pack options with every NBN service. The calls are made over a VoIP service, making it easy to connect a home phone to your NBN router. The packs are as follows:

  • $0 – PAYG: Pay as you go calls, local and national calls 10c untimed, Australian mobiles 17c/minute
  • $5 National: Local and national calls included, mobiles 17c/minute
  • $10 Premium: Local, national and mobile calls included

Hello Broadband recommends the use of its own modems; however any VoIP-compatible modem should work. Speaking of modems, Hello Broadband gives you the opportunity to BYO, or buy one directly for a one-off $99.95 fee on a 12-month plan, or $124.95 on a no-contract plan. This is recommended due to easy configuration when installing the service.

  • It should be noted that that the no-contract option attracts a $24.95 set-up fee, which is quite modest compared to other providers

BYO modem can save some money, but it must be NBN-compatible. Overall, Hello Broadband’s NBN plans are deadly simple, with any applicable fees clearly outlined. So let’s see how Hello Broadband stacks up against the competition.

How does Hello Broadband compare to other NBN providers?

Hello Broadband stands out by offering simple plans across three speed tiers, all with unlimited data. Its VoIP call packs are also pretty cheap, as are its set-up fees on the no-contract options.

Hello Broadband 12/1 Plan Compared

On NBN Tier 1, you can expect unlimited data to cost around $60 a month, and even less in some circumstances. The cheapest providers in this tier tend to be the smaller providers, such as Mate Communicate and MyNetFone. However, it’s worth keeping an eye out for bigger guys like Optus, which offers a very competitive plan. In this instance, Mate stands out because it has no contracts, and no set-up fees. MyNetFone attracts a $199 upfront fee if you choose the no contract option, while it’s about the same with Optus. Though, with Optus, you do stand to waive this fee if you sign up for 24 months.

Hello Broadband 25/5 Plan Compared

Tier 2 unlimited data generally costs around $70 a month, and some of the cheaper providers in this space are Amaysim, Teleron and Tangerine Telecom. As it stands, Amaysim has a very competitive plan with no upfront fees and no contracts. Teleron is also competitive but attracts a $150 upfront fee for its no contract option. Tangerine is also fairly competitive with no set-up fees and periodical discounts applied sometimes. In this instance you may be attracted to Hello Broadband for its simple offering, but keep in mind you may be able to find a cheaper plan.

Hello Broadband 50/20 Plan Compared

If you desire a bit of gaming with lower latency, or more intensive streaming, a 50/20 plan may be for you. This is where value really starts to kick in, as Tier 3 plans aren’t that much dearer than 25/5 plans. For example, most internet service providers charge around $75-$80 a month for unlimited data here. However, MyRepublic offers a plan that’s under $60, albeit only on fixed wireless connections. However, you can step up to Tier 4 fixed-line for the same price. Other providers to look out for are AusBBS and Teleron. Hello Broadband offers a plan under $90 a month, which is still very competitive in the grand scheme of things, but other providers may go slightly cheaper.

Should I say G’Day to Hello Broadband?

Hello Broadband is relatively new to the NBN game, though the brand has been around since 2005. Nevertheless, it aims to set itself apart from other providers by offering an Aussie support service and simple plans with unlimited data cross all of them. While Hello Broadband is very competitive against most of the competition, there are a number of other providers out there all very competitive, offering the same type of deal. Where Hello Broadband – arguably – stands out most is its cheap, cheap VoIP plans, with landlines and mobiles included for just $10 extra – a feat that cannot be matched by many other providers. Hello Broadband’s simple NBN plans are attractive, but chances are with a little bit more scrounging around you may be able to find a slightly cheaper plan, but we’re talking a few dollars here and there. However, if you need to bundle a VoIP service in, Hello Mobile’s rates are hard to beat.

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