Review of NuSkope broadband plans

NuSkope is a small provider based in South Australia that offers NBN plans, as well as plans on its own fixed wireless network. NuSkope exists as an alternative to the NBN for residents of Adelaide

NuSkope has a focus on providing areas in metropolitan Adelaide service in what were primarily black spots for reception. So if you’re from South Australia then you may find NuSkope to be the next provider to look into. It is one of many small providers offering NBN plans and plans on its own network, so how does it stack up in terms of value? You might find NuSkope is a ‘nu’ option for your internet connection.


NuSkope Fixed Wireless Plans

NuSkope has built out its own fixed wireless network. Note, that this is not the NBN and is a totally separate kettle of fish. Plans details are:

  • 50GB – $39.95
  • 150GB – $49.95
  • 400GB – $59.95
  • 600GB – $79.95
  • 800GB – $99.95
  • 1200GB – $129.95

The two smallest plans come with a 12/2Mbps speed tier, while the other four come with a 30/5Mbps speed tier. Speed is shaped to 512Kbps after you exceed your data allowance, but you do have the opportunity to purchase additional data packs starting at $5 for 10GB. Setup fees are as follows:

  • Month-to-month contract: $249
  • 12 month contract: $189.95
  • 24 month contract: $99.95

An additional $99.95 fee may apply if you need to purchase a router from NuSkope, while extra setup fees may also apply if you need extended antennas, or if you move house. If you break contract, you may also be subject to a $500 maximum early termination fee. All in all, NuSkope services residents of Radelaide with a worthy alternative to the NBN. If you’re looking for a nu start, NuSkope may be what you’re after.

NuSkope NBN Plans

Aside from its own fixed wireless network, NuSkope does offer a comprehensive suite of fixed line and fixed wireless NBN plans. All speed tiers are available, and for each jump you make you will be subject to a $10 premium making the dearest plan about $110 a month. Plans are as follows:

  • 50GB – $54.95
  • 200GB – $64.95
  • 500GB – $74.95
  • 1000GB – $79.95

Note that these prices are for the 12/1Mbps speed tier only, and users don’t technically get ‘unlimited data’, though 1000GB is still a lot. Perhaps the biggest boon, however, is that the first three plans get unlimited off-peak data. Off-peak is midnight to 8am (Adelaide time). All plans also get unmetered uploads. Users who wish to purchase a router may also purchase one for $124.95. Setup fees are as follows:

  • Month-to-month plans: $99.95
  • 24 month plans: $0

Additional data packs can be purchased from $5 for 10GB, and an early termination fee with a maximum of $150 may apply if you leave your command post, soldier.

How does NuSkope compare to other providers?

NuSkope certainly has a localised focus, which may be enough to sway many South Australians over to the provider. Beyond that, it compares fairly well against the big NBN telcos, but sometimes loses out to other small providers offering better bang for buck. Its fixed wireless plans are also a little hard to compare being that it uses its own network.

Nuskope NBN Plans Compared

With these plans it’s important to consider the different speed tiers, as speed generally dictates the price per month you will pay. For a 1000GB plan on Tier 3 of the NBN, you can expect to pay nearly $100 a month. Now, as you can see below, this price is a bit out of line with the cheapest providers out there.

  • Nowadays you can find unlimited data on Tier 3 for around $70 a month.
  • Setup fees may also make or break a plan, with some setup fees costing upwards of $200.

Providers worth keeping an eye out for are Mate Communicate, Barefoot Telecom, Exetel and Hello Broadband. These four are among the cheapest in the country to offer Tier 3 ‘Standard Plus’ NBN.

NuSkope Fixed Wireless Plans Compared

Being that NuSkope operates on its own network, it’s a bit harder to compare like-for-like products in the market. However, Adelaide is getting a healthy dose of private networks separate from the NBN. Several competitors for those in Radelaide include:

  • Uniti: Prices start at under $50, but 1000GB+ plans cost over $100.
  • Kern Wi-Fi: Prices start at just $30 or thereabouts, and 1000GB+ plans cost over $100 in some cases.

Overall, being that they are on private networks, you will have to do your homework here. Firstly, see if your home is covered, and secondly see if there’s a plan out there that’s right for you. The good news is that these providers often offer plans over speed tiers that loosely resemble those found on the NBN, so some familiarity does exist.

Is NuSkope broadband a good move?

NuSkope benefits from having a localised service to residents of Adelaide. In this case a personalised service like this may be of benefit to many customers in this area. This is especially the case with its fixed wireless network, which exists as a good alternative to the NBN.

Across the NBN, however, NuSkope falls behind in both price and data inclusions with the cheapest providers. Quite often there are also expensive set-up fees and various other terms that may be off-putting. If you’re a resident of Adelaide then NuSkope may be worth a look in for its fixed wireless network, but it may be worth looking into a range of other national providers all providing competitive plans on the NBN.

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