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Review of Tellnet broadband plans

Tellnet is a Melbourne-based internet service provider which offers both ADSL and NBN broadband bundles to households around the nation. The company’s tagline is ‘Telco Simplified’ and this motto is reflected in the structure of Tellnet’s broadband plans which are clear and easy to understand. The telco offers several home phone packages in addition to broadband plans, meaning they cater to just about every possible need. Read on for a full breakdown of Tellnet’s broadband plans, and how they compare to those from other service providers across Australia.

What does Tellnet offer?

Tellnet’s broadband plans keep things very simple indeed. The company does away with data allowances completely, offering only unlimited data on both ADSL and NBN connections. On both connection types, you can choose between a monthly plan (with a $99 setup fee), or a 12 month contract (with no setup fee). Unlimited data means no throttling or excess data charges, and there are no limits to peak or off-peak downloads. Should you run into any problems, Tellnet’s local Aussie support team should have you covered.

ADSL plans

Tellnet’s ADSL plans are divided into Metro and Regional connections, which is fairly typical for small broadband providers. Metro plans start from $69.90 per month for unlimited data and phone line rental, whilst regional plans start at $99 per month. Both plans come with unlimited local calls and PAYG calls to national and mobile numbers. If you’re looking to add a larger call package, your options are:

  • Unlimited local and national calls: +$10/month
  • Unlimited landline and mobile calls: +$30/month

NBN plans

Tellnet’s NBN plans are much the same as their ADSL connections, the only difference being pricing and the ability to choose your download speeds. NBN plans start at $59 per month with the basic Tier 1 speeds of 12/1 Mbps. If you’re after faster unlimited data speeds for your music, media and gaming, your options are a little pricey:

  • Tier 2 speeds of 25/5 Mbps: +$20/month
  • Tier 4 speeds of 50/20 Mbps: +$40/month

How does Tellnet compare to other broadband providers?

Tellnet’s business model involves keeping it simple, and the value judgement of the company’s products is pretty simple as well – they’re extremely competitive. Tellnet’s base ADSL Metro Bundle starts at $69/month, which is typical of unlimited ADSL plans with line rental included. Tellnet offers identical pricing to the likes of TPG, Barefoot Telecom and several others, with only SpinTel and Exetel undercutting by around $5/month. You can check out a comparison of Tellnet and other providers below:

Tellnet also offers a strong value proposition in the NBN sector. With a starting price of $59/month for unlimited Tier 1 NBN data, Tellnet’s plan is near-identical to several competitors such as Mate, Barefoot and Activ8me. Only two providers (SpinTel and AusBBS) offer a lower monthly fee. Tellnet does lose out in the value stakes, however, as speeds increase. Competitors are offering significantly cheaper prices at Tier 2 and Tier 4 speeds. However, their basic package remains an extremely good choice for as much NBN data as you could possibly need.

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