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NuSkope is a small provider based in South Australia solely offering National Broadband Network (NBN) plans. Among these plans, there are two categories – fixed wireless NBN and traditional fibre NBN.

NuSkope has a focus on providing areas in metropolitan Adelaide service in what were primarily black spots for reception. So if you’re from South Australia then you may find NuSkope to be the next provider to look into. It is one of many small providers offering NBN plans, so how does it stack up in terms of value? You might find NuSkope is a ‘nu’ option for your NBN subscription.

What does Nuskope offer?

Nuskope offers four different NBN plans on each different consumer speed tier and six fixed wireless plans across two speed tiers. Let’s have a look in some more detail:

NBN Type Data Included Price Per Month
Fibre 50GB $54.95 – $84.95
200GB $64.95 – $94.95
500GB $74.95 – $104.95
1000GB $79.95 – $109.95
Fixed Wireless 40GB $39.95
100GB $49.95
250GB $59.95
450GB $79.95
600GB $99.95
1000GB $139.95

NBN Fibre Plans

There are four different plans within each different speed tier, bringing the total amount to plans to 16.

  • NuSkope offers them in either a one-month or 24-month contract
  • With a one-month deal you’ll incur a $99.95 set-up fee
  • For the cheapest three plans, you’ll also get unlimited off-peak data
  • Off-peak is between midnight and 8am

If you’re a night owl then we suspect you’ll get huge value from these plans with limitless data during off-peak times. This would be a good opportunity to get through the bulk of downloads, such as huge updates and movies and music. These times are of course for South Australia (GMT +9:30). There are also no excess data charges – instead speed is throttled to 256kbps should you exceed your data limit.

Fixed Wireless Plans

Fixed wireless plans represent a great opportunity for those in rural or remote regions to get access to the NBN. Overall there are six plans, on differing speed tiers:

  • The 40GB and 100GB plans are on a 12Mbps/2Mbps download/upload speed
  • The rest use a 30Mbps/5Mbps download/upload speed

It’s apparent that the cheapest two plans are the most basic, while the others offer perhaps more value. You also have the choice of a one-month, 12 or 24-month contract. All have set-up fees, unfortunately.

  • 1-month set-up fee: $249.95
  • 12-month set-up fee: $189.95
  • 24-month set-up fee: $99.95

Beyond that there is no apparent compromise by opting for more flexible contract lengths. Fixed wireless is a great solution for many, but its costs are frequently higher than a traditional equivalent NBN fibre plan.

How does NuSkope compare to other providers?

NuSkope certainly has a localised focus, which may be enough to sway many South Australians over to the provider. Beyond that, it compares fairly well against the big NBN telcos, but sometimes loses out to other small providers offering better bang for buck.

Nuskope NBN Fibre Plans Compared

With these plans it’s important to consider the different speed tiers, as speed generally dictates the price per month you will pay.

Tier 1 Nuskope Plans Compared

  • 1000GB for $79.95 a month

This seems like a fairly solid price. However, NuSkope is outdone by a suite of small providers that offer unlimited data for cheaper. Keep an eye out for providers like SpinTel, Exetel, AusBBS and Inspired Broadband that all offer unlimited data for less than $60 a month. However, set-up fees and other hidden costs can also affect a plan’s value.

Tier 2 Nuskope Plans Compared

  • 1000GB for $89.95 a month

Again, NuSkope falls behind other small providers, and is let down by its 1000GB data cap, instead of offering unlimited data. Keep an eye out for providers like AusBBS, Tangerine Telecom, Inspired Broadband and Barefoot Telecom that all offer unlimited data at less than $70 a month.

Tier 4 Nuskope Plans Compared

  • 1000GB for $99.95 a month

If this plan seems expensive then have no fear because there are still plans that can be found for around the $80 a month mark. Again, small providers lead the charge on value, including Activ8Me, Teleron and Tangerine who all offer unlimited tier 4 NBN for less than $90 a month.

Tier 5 Nuskope Plans Compared

  • 1000GB for $109.95 a month

For tip-top speeds, you can expect providers to charge tip-top prices, right? Well, yes, but there are some great deals that can be found. MyRepublic seriously offers some of the best value in the country, with an unlimited tier 5 plan at about $60 a month. Other providers in the race are AusBBS, Activ8Me and Exetel that all offer a plan around the $90 range. Once again Nuskope loses out in a sea full of fast-paced competition.

Nuskope Fixed Wireless Plans Compared

  • 1000GB 30Mbps/5Mbps download/upload for $139.95 a month

One of the newer technologies out there, fixed wireless is a broadband delivery provided by a few key ISPs. Among some of the most premier providers are Activ8Me, Skymesh, TPG and Optus.

  • Activ8Me offers some of the most enticing plans, with ‘Sonic’ speeds with unlimited data for about $70 a month
  • Skymesh also offers a huge range of fixed wireless plans with its 600GB/2TB peak/off-peak plan coming in at $74.95 a month
  • TPG offers unlimited data with 25/5 for about $90 a month
  • Optus offers 200GB for about $80 a month

It’s also peculiar to note that NuSkope claims its download speed is 30Mbps, while the designated speed for fixed wireless in this speed tier is usually 25Mbps. Nevertheless, NuSkope seems to fall behind in the value stakes against some key providers of fixed wireless plans.

Is NuSkope NBN a good move?

NuSkope benefits from having a localised service to residents of Adelaide. In this case a personalised service like this may be of benefit to many customers in this area. Away from this, however, is the fact that many of its plans are simply lacklustre – even against the big guys like TPG and Optus. Across most of its broadband deliveries, NuSkope falls behind in both price and data inclusions. Quite often there are also expensive set-up fees and various other terms that may be off-putting. If you’re a resident of Adelaide then they are worth a look in, but it may be worth looking into a range of other national providers all providing competitive plans.

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