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Telstra Tops ListTelstra is Australia’s biggest (and first) telco company, with its network reaching 99.3% of the Australian population, and the company having an expected mobile phone market share of 54% by the end of FY15. The company has put a lot of money and effort into achieving the No. 1 position, and much of this is manifested in their eponymous retail stores.

Over the years, Telstra stores have been through a number of visual reimaginings, which have been a key part of maintaining the brand’s modern aesthetic. Telstra stores act as a one-stop shop for phones, mobile plans, broadband plans, mobile and computer accessories, and many other related services. Earlier in 2015, Telstra announced that it will bring Wi-Fi to its entire 80 owned retail stores later this year.

What our survey respondents say about Telstra

Canstar Blue’s most recent survey of consumers who had purchased a mobile phone handset and/or mobile phone plan from an Australian mobile phone retailer in the last 12 months (just over 1,100 people) garnered the following comments, among many others, from customers of Telstra.

It’s a quality telecommunications provider that gives top-notch products at reasonable prices. Sometimes too busy so there is long waits in person to the Telstra store.
I have been travelling and working in North Queensland and Telstra is the only mobile provider to get coverage in most of the small towns I travelled through. Issues with private number, I get telemarketing calls, which go against one of the reasons I pay extra for a private number. I’ve had to get them to change my number.
Easy to find a phone I wanted, helpful staff.
Excellent network coverage compared to competition, good range of phones and plans. They should be more innovative in how they do things to offer customers better products and services.
I had fantastic service when purchasing my mobile phone at a retail store, all staff were helpful and friendly. Had difficulty trying to make some changes to my details when I purchased a new phone as I was too far away from the nearest Telstra store to pop in…The call centre didn’t seem capable of understanding rural areas!

Source: www.canstarblue.com.au Mobile Phone Retailer survey 2014, conducted by Colmar Brunton

Other mobile phone retailer brands we surveyed

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased a mobile phone handset and/or mobile phone plan from an Australian mobile phone retailer in the last 12 months – in this case, 1,108 people.

The other mobile phone retailer brands in this year’s survey are:

  • Virgin Mobile
  • Optus
  • Vodaphone
  • All Phones

You can view the mobile phone retailer brands survey results here.

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