Moose Mobile deal: 10 cents for your first month


Trying to find a wallet-friendly mobile plan for your phone that’s risk-free and won’t lock you in? SIM-only provider Moose Mobile has today launched a special deal on entry-level plans, offering a ‘spare change’ test drive to new customers.

From now through to midnight on 29 October, 2018, you can score your first month on selected Moose Mobile no-contract plans for an extremely affordable ten cents. The ten cent offer applies to your first month of service on the following month-to-month plans:

  • Moose 9: 200 minutes of calls, unlimited SMS & MMS, unlimited international SMS, 1GB of data
  • Moose 14: Unlimited national calls and texts, unlimited SMS & MMS, unlimited international SMS, 2GB of data

The promotion is available for any new customer signing on to the above two plans, and means you’ll get to try out Moose Mobile for just $0.10. After your first month, plan fees will revert back to standard prices: $9 per month for the Moose 9 plan, and $14 monthly for Moose 14.

As there’s no SIM card fee or start-up costs, and standard shipping is free within Australia, ten cents is all you will need to pay to take advantage of the offer. There’s no cost to quit your plan after the first month, and no extra fees; however, you may be billed if you exceed your plan’s data or call allowance, or make international or non-included calls.

Moose Mobile’s plans run on the Optus network, with all plan options offering 4G Plus coverage. Although the above plans are all month-to-month, you can also sign up for a 12-month contract, and year-long plans generally offer more data and lower prices than Moose’s equivalent monthly deals.

If you’ve got ten cents to spare and you’d like to give Moose Mobile a try, its one-month promotion is now available to all new customers. Overall, it’s a great deal for customers wanting a bring-your-own device option; however, you may need to move quickly to snap up your ten cent plan.

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