Moove Mobile: the tiny telco offering plans from 5c per month


This was a news story on the launch of ‘Moove Mobile’. The details below are now likely to have changed. 

Australia’s SIM-only mobile market is about to be disrupted by another low-cost provider, this time offering talk, text and data from as little as FIVE CENTS for your first month.

Melbourne-based Moove Mobile is launching a range of affordable, bring-your-own-phone plans, ideal for customers wanting more value from their mobile service. So far, Moove Mobile is offering three SIM-only plans, at special introductory prices:

  • $9.90 plan: 1GB of data, plus unlimited standard national calls and text. $0.05 for your first month, then $9.90 from the second month onward
  • $29.90 plan: 10GB of data, plus unlimited standard national calls and text. $0.50 for your first month, then $29.90 from the second month onward
  • $39.90 plan: 20GB of data, plus unlimited standard national calls and text. $1.99 for your first month, then $39.90 from the second month onward

As indicated, all plans include unlimited talk and text within Australia, but you’ll also get some great value international features. Each Moove Mobile plan will include unlimited standard international calling to 26 selected countries, including China, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

As an introductory offer, Moove Mobile’s 5 cent, 50 cent and $1.99 deals are a super-cheap way to get new customers on board. Prospective buyers should keep in mind, however, that each of the three plans is offered only on a 12-month contract, so you’ll need to be prepared to make a year-long commitment. Customers can cancel their service early, but will be required to pay a standard early exit fee of $55.

Another fine print feature to be aware of is excess data charges. If you do exceed your monthly data allowance, you’ll be charged $0.03 per additional megabyte, or a hefty $30.72 per gigabyte. Customers can avoid this by signing up for Moove Mobile’s 1GB Auto bolt-on option, which gives you an extra gigabyte for a much more reasonable $10.

Moove Mobile Plans Compared

Moove Mobile is a Telstra MVNO, meaning it operates on parts on Telstra’s 3G and 4G networks, reselling coverage on its own plans. While you won’t get full access to Telstra’s network (and no access to the ultra-fast, next-generation Telstra 4GX service), you will get great coverage in most metropolitan and regional areas, for a much cheaper price than what you’d pay on Telstra’s own mobile plans. Other Telstra MVNOs include Boost Mobile, Pennytel and Southern Phone.

Is Moove Mobile worth moving telcos for?

Overlooking Moove Mobile’s first-month promo pricing, the telco is still extremely competitive. $29.90 per month is a great price for 10GB, and Moove’s 1GB and 20GB plans are also some of the best-priced options for Telstra-network data.

While Moove Mobile doesn’t throw in all the bells and whistles you’d find on selected Telstra plans (such as data-free sport and music streaming, and Apple Music and Foxtel subscriptions), you’ll still get great value calls, texts and data, plus unlimited overseas calls to eligible countries.

So, if you already have a phone you love, and you’re keen to save on your mobile plan, Moove Mobile could be the price-slashing provider you’ve been waiting for – provided you’re happy to commit to a 12-month plan.

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