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pharmacy stock shelf

Brand name vs cheap generic medicines

Canstar Blue research shows that the majority of Aussies favour cheap, generic over the counter medicines rather than big name brands.

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balding man

Hair loss treatment options explained

If losing your hair is a cause of stress to you, compare treatment options that could get your hair growing again.

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gym training pet peeves

What annoys Aussies at the gym?

Is gym membership worth the money? What are the annoying things about going to the gym? Compare gym chains at Canstar Blue.

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How to avoid summer colds

There’s nothing worse than being stuck indoors with a cold in summer. Debby Liu gives her tips on how to avoid it.

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Warm tea, wrapped in a winter scarf, with lemons.

Boost your immunity in summer, to prevent a cold in winter

Ellie McInerney explains why it’s a good idea to get ahead when it comes to seasonal illnesses.

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