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Why you need to eat flaxseeds

This little brown seed is a powerful source of healthy fat, fibre and omega 3 fatty-acid, and supports healthy hormones, brain function, digestion and cravings. But that’s just the beginning! Incorporating flaxseeds into your diet …

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How to eat more superfoods

Given the hype around the supposed endless powers of superfoods, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think they could also make you a superhero, or at least some kind of superhuman. Sure, eating …

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probiotic drink

Probiotics: The pros and cons

We know we need to eat our greens, keep hydrated and get eight hours sleep, but did you ever think you needed to look after your gut, too? Believe it or not, gut health is …

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superfood multigrain chia seeds

Are chia seeds a ‘superfood’?

In the age of an obesity epidemic, more allergies, and rising rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, more and more people are looking for new ways to make healthier choices. With everyone being so …

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Vitamins to boost your immune system

With the nights starting to cool, you may find you’re developing a slight sniffle. Does this warrant for antibiotics or cold and flu medication, or perhaps your immune system can handle it? Maybe you could …

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