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Review of MeU Mobile phone plans

MeU Mobile’s launch in 2015 marked the arrival of a hip new service provider in the Australian telco market, one which attempts to market itself towards younger consumers and those who are fed up with the bland, impersonal service of large providers.

With simple, uncomplicated monthly plans on offer, MeU Mobile offers benefits like free SIM delivery, no flagfall, and no data penalties. As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), MeU Mobile utilises the Telsta 3G network to provide unrivalled coverage across Australia. So, how do its plan compare to other providers?

What does MeU Mobile offer?

MeU Mobile provides four different plan offers to suit a wide variety of customer needs, with its ‘Oodles’ plans catering for those looking for a basic plan, all the way up to people who crave as much credit and data as possible. See the breakdown below:

Plan Type


$29 Oodles 300 SMS, $300 included value, 2GB data
$39 Oodles 400 SMS, $400 included value, 3GB data
$49 Oodles 500 SMS, $500 included value, 4GB data
$59 Oodles Unlimited calls and texts, 5GB data

$29 Oodles

The MeU Mobile selection starts with the $29 Oodles plan, bringing 2GB of data along with 300 SMS and $300 of included call value. Texts cost 25c each, and you can expect a two minute call to cost $1.36. The included value gives you flexibility, depending on if you’re a texter or a caller.

$39 Oodles

The $39 plan bumps these quotas up to 3GB data, 400 texts and $400 of included credit. This is a good mid-range plan with a nice smattering of data to see you through the month.

$49 Oodles

MeU’s second-highest plan offers, as predicted, 500 free SMS, $500 included value and 4GB of data. See through your boring commute, with a handy 4GB data, which is good for a decent amount of browsing and cat videos.

$59 Oodles

The most expensive MeU Mobile offering is the $59 Oodles plan, offering 5GB of data and unlimited calls and SMS – perfect for heavy users. You’ll never have to worry about using too many emojis again. And if that data inclusion still isn’t enough, you can purchase an extra 1GB for $10 per month.

Overall, MeU’s plans are clear, concise and have a healthy amount of conclusions, but the question is whether they can compete against a rabid competition.

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How does MeU Mobile compare to other providers?

As a provider of SIM-only, month-to-month phone plans, MeU Mobile competes in a very crowded and competitive market.

$29 Oodles compared

At the lower-cost end, MeU Mobile’s basic $29 plan comes up against established MVNOs such as TeleChoice, Vaya, Jeenee and SpinTel in the value stakes. As the market is ever-evolving, MeU struggles to compete in this bracket as the other providers often offer more data and more inclusions for cheaper.

$39 Oodles compared

Again, the $39 plan is up against some stiff competition. And again, MeU struggles to compete with the likes of Jeenee, Telechoice, Think Mobile and C Mobile. These four telcos outclass MeU again in the data and value inclusions.

$49 Oodles compared

Again, we sense a familiar theme occurring. This time, three giant telcos in Australia – Virgin, Vodafone and Optus pip MeU in the value stakes. Also coming into the game is Amaysim. Overall, these four telcos offer a lot more data for a similar price as MeU’s offering.

$59 Oodles compared

Coming in as the most expensive MeU Mobile offering, is this the plan to beat the competition? You’d like to think so, but the fact is that MeU fails to compete again in this price bracket. Although MeU finally offers unlimited calls and texts, other carriers have offered that at far cheaper rates. Again, MeU is competing with Jeenee, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin for a spot in this crowded price bracket. Though, MeU is beaten by these telcos quite considerably in the data inclusions.

Is MeU Mobile right for me?

MeU Mobile represents a solid choice if you’re after a simple monthly plan with no frills or strings attached – particularly if you opt for the cheaper plans. And of course, one of its main selling points is that it’s a fresh face compared to those more established telcos that you’ve used all your life, so if you fancy a change of scenery, MeU Mobile is worth considering.

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