Apple cuts prices for iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 in Australia


You’ve probably seen by now that the newest iPhones released come with some pretty hefty price tags, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar for your next smartphone.

Apple has cut the prices on previous-generation iPhones, meaning it could be a good time to become an iPhone convert, or just replace your old handset.

On the Apple Australia store, the company has cut the base price of the iPhone 8 to just $979, and the iPhone 8 Plus to $1,149.

This represents about $100 in savings over the recommended retail price (RRP) from a year ago. The base price of the iPhone 7 has also been reduced to $749 for the 4.7-inch screen, and $929 for the 7 Plus.

Canstar Blue Editor Simon Downes said that consumers who don’t need the latest and greatest can save some money by looking at a previous-generation iPhone.

“The premium models of the new iPhone series have exceeded the $2,000 price barrier, which means that everyday consumers are potentially priced out of the new generation, unless they want to commit to two or three-years contracts.

“Customers must question whether they need the latest technology or if they can get by with an older iPhone, which are still pretty new in the grand scheme of things.”

While phone plan information for the new iPhones is yet to be released by the big telcos, Canstar Blue’s research from June indicates that users pay an average of $81 a month on their phone plan contracts. By contrast, prepaid users spent just $29.

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR handsets are expected to be released in October, while the phones and plans will be available to pre-order from Friday.

Apple more than just the iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the three latest iPhones on Thursday, which created the biggest buzz by far in the keynote speech.

However, the release was more than just phones costing well north of AUD $1,200. Apple also unveiled the new Apple Watch 4, starting at $599 and costing up to $1,899 for the Hermes designer label version.

New features include a heart rhythm monitor, the ability to detect if you’ve fallen over and send out an alert to emergency services – good for joggers – and is paired with the WatchOS 5 operating system.

Pre-orders will be available from 14 September, with in-store arrivals expected from 21 September.

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