Jeenee Mobile vs TeleChoice: Phone plans compared

It’s probably safe to say that the mobile plan market in Australia is dominated by the Big 3 – TelstraOptus and Vodafone. They’re all premium telcos, offering all kinds of different mobile phone plans, broadband plans and entertainment packages. However, amongst those seriously challenging the status quo are two Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) by the names of Jeenee Mobile and TeleChoice.

After enjoying much success, the Big 3 have experienced a threat – a threat from the underdogs of the telco world – the MVNOs. They piggyback off the networks of the big boys, and seeing as these MVNOs don’t have to provide infrastructure – or in many cases physical stores – their plans can be much better ‘bang for buck’ than those from the Big 3. While Jeenee and TeleChoice may seem the same, they’re both a little bit different in terms of what they offer, and how they offer it. Read below to find out who offers what, and whether Jeenee Mobile or TeleChoice is king of the MVNOs.

Jeenee Mobile or TeleChoice?

As low-cost MVNOs, their plans cost anywhere from around $10 to $60+ a month. Both providers offer no contract, month to month SIM-only postpaid plans, but TeleChoice also gives you the opportunity to go on a 12-month contract for some extra benefits. In total there are over 20 plans to choose from between the two providers.

All of Jeenee’s and TeleChoice’s plans come on a postpaid basis and are billed monthly. Jeenee has a comparatively large range of mobile phone plans with incentives if you sign up for either 6 or 12 months. What started out as a non-profit under Community Connections Australia – a charity helping the disabled get access to mobile phones – is now a for-profit telco, but still gives back to charity.

TeleChoice on the other hand started out as a ‘bricks and mortar’ phone shop, and then started offering its own plans – there are stores still operating today where you can walk in and get sorted with a phone plan. It has five base plans, but the ones on a 12-month contract offer various bonuses and monthly discounts. Let’s dive in and see what’s on offer from the two, keeping in mind that the following plans are on a month-to-month basis.

Plans $20 and under compared

Jeenee dominates the rankings at this low price point. Prices kick off at under $10 for which customers will receive unlimited calls & texts as standard. TeleChoice has a $20 plan with 2GB but a dollar cap on calls. Jeenee offers unlimited calls & texts across all of its plans, no matter how much you pay so in the budget end of the spectrum, Jeenee has more plans and may be a more viable option if you aren’t adamant on the Telstra network.

Plans $40 and under compared

In this price bracket, expect data allowances over 2GB and unlimited calls & texts as standard. TeleChoice has stepped up its game, but it’s hard to go past Jeenee once again. You’ll get 5GB for under $30, while 10GB can be found for under $40. You also get international call allowances on many plans, while TeleChoice only seems to offer such on the $38 plan. It’s hard to beat Jeenee here, because its plans are generally cheaper for the same amount of data.

Plans over $40 compared

If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, your options become rather limited as both telcos primarily excel in the budget end of the mobile plan spectrum. As such there is only one plan from each provider here, both coming in at around $50. Jeenee beats TeleChoice on data included once again, and both include some form of international calling – Jeenee includes $500 credit, while TeleChoice offers 200 minutes. Depending on where you’re calling, one may offer better value over the other.

Big Bonuses for Sticking Around

Above is a comparison of month-to-month phone plans from both Jeenee and TeleChoice. While these arguably look pretty good already, the fact is if you stick around for a while both telcos are willing to offer you some bonuses. This mainly comes in the form of data bonuses. Jeenee offers incentives for signing up for six months, and then more for 12 months. This is a loyalty program, meaning you’ll be given data bonuses just by sticking around. TeleChoice’s upper-tier plans are the ones that primarily get the data bonuses, but discounts are mostly available across the board if you sign up for 12 months.

For example, check out the data differences from the table above to the table below. You’ll see that both telcos offer some tasty bonuses. This is reflected even in the cheaper plans, so no matter your budget, if you’re willing to sign up or stick around you’ll be rewarded.

Jeenee Mobile: Big Data, Small Price

Jeenee Mobile goes one further and offers up its ‘Mammoth’ plans with big data inclusions, unlimited calls & texts and a relatively low price. The catch is that you’ll be subject to 3G-only data, instead of the faster 4G. TeleChoice offers no such plans, but Jeenee’s Mammoth plans are under $80 and offer up to 90GB. These plans come on a no lock-in contract, meaning you can leave and not be subject to penalties.

Who offers better value: Jeenee Mobile or TeleChoice?

It’s safe to say that Jeenee and TeleChoice both offer supreme value across many price points in the postpaid mobile world. They are both pretty neck and neck in terms of prices and inclusions – in many cases only their respective networks set them apart. Jeenee is on Optus, and TeleChoice is on Telstra, so you may prefer one over the other. The good news is that you are not compromising much by siding with the MVNO that operates on your preferred network.

However, Jeenee Mobile appears to pull away from its rival in terms of both price and inclusions at many price points. There’s also a lot more to choose from than with TeleChoice. However, there’s strong merit in going with TeleChoice, especially if you’re willing to commit to 12 months, where you’ll get the data bonuses. However, if you’re not willing to commit, it’s hard to ignore Jeenee.

Given the way the MVNO world is moving, we suspect more telcos will offer big incentives for customers signing up for 12 months. The landscape is always changing, and in 12 months your current hot phone plan may not actually be that competitive anymore, however, so it does pay to look around and still consider a month-to-month option. In order for TeleChoice to continue competing, it will have to place more emphasis on maximum flexibility, but for now its plans are pretty rock solid. However, Jeenee does seem to offer more ‘bang for buck’ a lot of the time – you certainly have more plan choices anyway.

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