OPPO announces partnership with the Reef Restoration Foundation

Phone manufacturer OPPO has announced a partnership with the Reef Restoration Foundation (RRF), an organisation working to rebuild the Great Barrier Reef.

The news comes as part of the launch of the OPPO Find X3 series of phones, including the X3 Pro, the X3 Neo, and the X3 Lite. These phones are set to be released in April.

“At OPPO, we are committed to exercising our corporate social responsibility to address both local and global environmental challenges,” said Managing Director of OPPO Australia Michael Tran.

“We saw this partnership as an opportunity to amplify the restoration efforts of this community-based organisation that is dedicated to preserving this natural wonder that is part of our national identity.”

The Reef Restoration Foundation is a not-for-profit enterprise focused on regenerating coral reefs that have been impacted by bleaching events. The Foundation has established an ocean-based coral nursery near Cairns to help restore damaged coral, and has previously worked with other major sponsors and partners including Powershop and the NAB Foundation.

“The partnership with OPPO Australia is a very exciting and important collaboration,” said CEO of the Reef Restoration Foundation, Ryan Donnelly. “We are trying to generate hope, and there’s a realistic optimism around the Great Barrier Reef if people are prepared to act.”

A photo of a reef captured on the AR app Recolour the Reef

‘Recolour the Reef’ with OPPO

As part of the partnership, OPPO and the Reef Restoration Foundation are launching a new app that lets users see the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

The ‘Recolour The Reef’ app shows a 3D render of coral networks found along the reef, which can be viewed from the comfort of your own home. It’s an alternate reality (AR) experience, which was created using videos and images captured on OPPO’s newest flagship smartphone, the Find X3 Pro, on the shore of Queensland’s Fitzroy Island.

The app is also designed to educate users on current threats to our Great Barrier Reef, and is available to download free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. What’s more is that OPPO is pledging a $1 donation to the RRF for every app download through March and April, as part of a long-term partnership to help produce over one million new corals along the Reef by 2026.

So to help save coral reefs in Queensland, simply download ‘Recolour The Reef’ to your smartphone or tablet.

How else can I help the environment with my phone?

There’s a few big things you can do to be more eco-friendly with your phone:

  • Consider not upgrading your phone for a longer period of time
  • Recycle your old phones through services such as MobileMuster
  • Use a sustainable phone case
  • Purchase a phone from an environmentally-conscious manufacturer

Apart from those, there’s another big thing you can try: using a plan from an environmentally-conscious provider. Most sustainable telcos in Australia strive to be ‘carbon neutral’, which means that they seek to balance the amount of carbon used in the production of good and services by purchasing carbon offsets. Telstra, Belong and Felix Mobile are all certified carbon neutral.

Felix Mobile is arguably the most sustainable brand here, committing to a promise of planting one tree per subscriber every month. Felix Mobile is powered by 100% renewable energy via the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates, and operates a single unlimited mobile plan on a digital-only basis.  You can find Felix’s $35 plan in the below table. The product below includes a link to a referral partner.

As an operator on the Telstra network, Belong shares its parent company’s focus on sustainability, and was Australia’s first carbon-neutral SIM-only telco. You can compare mobile plans from Telstra and Belong below.

The following table shows selected postpaid plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our mobile comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

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