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Commander Electricity Review and Rates

Commander, sometimes referred to as ‘Commander Power & Gas’, is an electricity retailer operating in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. While it does list some residential electricity offers on its website, Commander is first and foremost an electricity retailer for business customers.

In addition to its electricity retail service, Commander provides a range of phone and internet products, which customers can bundle for convenient utility management. In this article, we review Commander’s electricity offering. We look at its prices, services, plans and whether this retailer offers genuine value to customers.

Commander Electricity Plans

Commander’s electricity products are very straightforward, offering only one market offer to residential customers in each state that it operates. The market offer comes with a 20% discount for customers that pay their bill on time and in full. This discount only applies to the electricity usage component of the bill after any concessions and solar feed-in tariff rebates have been deducted.

The Commander market offer is available on both a single and time of use tariff, with options for a controlled load. So how much can you expect to pay with Commander? The prices presented below are representative of Commander’s market offer on a single-rate tariff at a selected postcode in each state.

State Discount Annual Cost
NSW 20% $1,804.71
VIC 20% $1,360.18
SA 20% $2,208.98

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three-person household on the Ausgrid, Citipower and SA Power Networks electricity networks respectively, September 2018.

Customers are billed on a quarterly basis. Note that these prices are not fixed, meaning Commander can change your rates so long as you’re notified. The deal is also on a ‘no-term’ contract, meaning customers are free to leave at any time and the discount should not disappear after a year or two. Commander also provides obligatory standing offers in each state. However, these products work out considerably more costly owing to their lack of conditional discounts.

You can see how Commander compares to other retailers on price via the links below:

Commander Bundled Deals

As mentioned, Commander is a bundled utility provider that offers business phone, internet and energy services. Commander offers what it calls the ‘20/20 bundle’ for customers that have both an electricity account and selected business phone plan with Commander. In addition to receiving 20% off electricity usage charges, bundled customers receive an additional 20% off their monthly phone plan. In order to receive this discount however, you will need to pay both services in full and on time.

Commander Fees & Charges

Like most retailers, Commander charges a number of fees that customers should keep wary of. While the charges vary across different distribution networks and may be subject to change over time, some common fees include:

  • Payment processing fee: A charge to direct debit, cheque and BPay customers for processing payments
  • Credit card fee: A fee for customers paying with credit card, equivalent to a small portion of the bill
  • Dishonour fee: A fee charged to direct debit or cheque-paying customers when there are insufficient funds or the cheque bounces.
  • Dis/connection fee: Commander charges a fee of about $50 for customers that connect or disconnect from the grid.

Canstar Blue has a full guide on electricity fees and charges for more information about power fees in general.

Commander Billing Options

Commander electricity customers are billed quarterly (every 3 months). They are defaulted to e-mail billing, however customers can switch to paper billing for a fee of $2.95 per bill. Billing options include:

  • Online: Customers can pay their bill online using their credit card or direct bank transfer. Customers can also set up direct debit online so they never miss a bill.
  • Over the phone: Customers can pay their bill by calling 133 914 and using their credit card.
  • Payment in person: If you prefer paying face to face, then head down to the local Australia Post outlet with your bill.
  • BPay: Customers can pay with BPAY using the biller code and reference number at the bottom of the bill.

Customers with any queries or concerns about their bill should contact Commander for more information.

Commander Service

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, Commander says that customers need fast, reliable service. For this reason, Commander offers a live chat function to provide customers with immediate support online. It also has a large FAQ section on its website to help customers with some of the more common queries.

If you can’t find an answer online, then you can give Commander a call on its extended-hours phone line. Customers with general enquiries can call between 8am and 6pm, while sales enquirers can get in touch between 9am and 8pm.

Is Commander Electricity right for me?

Commander’s strong discounts make the retailer a competitive contender in market, so long as you’re someone who remembers to pay bills on time. Commander may not necessarily be the cheapest on the market, but it doesn’t claim to be. The value of Commander’s service lies in the convenience of bundling your electricity, phone and internet services with the one provider – minimising the hassle and allowing you to get on with running your business.

Choosing an energy retailer for your home or business is a big decision, so contact Commander directly to make any further queries about whether it is right for you. If you’re interested to see what your other options are, be sure to check Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings and price comparison tool.

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