Energy Locals announces bonus solar tariff for summer

Power disruptor Energy Locals has announced it will bump up its feed-in tariff for customers in South Australia this summer.

As wholesale electricity prices are set to rise in the first quarter of next year, Energy Locals is giving solar customers a welcome boost to the power they export back to the grid to take the pressure off rising bills.

From January, the maximum solar feed-in tariff (FiT) offered by Energy Locals will jump to 20 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) – a 25% increase from the standard FiT of 16c per kWh.

Founder and CEO of Energy Locals, Adrian Merrick, said the solar initiative is an honest way to give back to customers with solar PV systems.

“Our focus is on clean power and giving customers transparent, great rates. As we don’t earn money from customer usage, we’re able to pass on this benefit to our solar customers who will get a much better rate for their spare solar,” Mr Merrick said.

“Transparency is the arch enemy of large energy companies and South Australians respond well to it, with the state having been our fastest-growing region over the past year.”

Mr Merrick also alluded to deceptive practices in the market which have seen a handful of energy retailers fined and penalised by the industry watchdog for misleading customers.

“Our unique business model gives customers much-needed transparency in a market that’s become famous for confusion, misinformation and dodgy behaviour. We’d much rather give our customers extra money for their spare power than give the same money to a traditional power generator,” he said.

This refers to the retailer’s energy plans which include a small, fixed membership fee, allowing the company to pass on wholesale electricity rates to customers without applying any retail profits.

Known fittingly as the ‘Local Saver 20c Summer Solar Bonus’, the new product from Energy Locals has no credit card or exit fees, but comes with a $15.99 a month membership cost.

The deal will be available between January 1 and March 31, 2020.

How does this feed-in tariff compare in SA?

The boosted feed-in tariff from Energy Locals compares very well against other electricity providers in South Australia. If you’re a solar customer, here’s what you can expect:

South Australia Solar Feed-in Tariffs

Retailer Minimum Feed-in Tariff (kWh) Maximum Feed-in Tariff (kWh)
AGL 14.2c 18c
Alinta Energy 9.5c 9.5c
Amaysim Energy 22c 22c
Click Energy 10c 17c
Commander 11.6c 11.6c
Diamond Energy 12c 12c
Dodo Power & Gas 11.6c 11.6c
EnergyAustralia 15c 15c
Energy Locals 15.5c 20c
Lumo Energy 16c 16c
Momentum Energy 6.8c 6.8c
Origin Energy 10c 23c
Powerdirect 16.3c 16.3c
Powershop 10.2c 10.2c
QEnergy 8c 8c
Red Energy 16c 16c
Simply Energy 15c 15c

Source: Canstar Blue electricity database/respective retailer websites, December 2019.

Image credits: zstock/

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