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Guide to Cupboard Fridge and Freezer Shelf Life

A shelf life guide to the foods in your fridge

Posted by February 23rd 2024

Everyone’s fridge is different, but when it comes to the shelf life of foods, there are some basics you need to know to make sure your fridge is healthy.

The best Christmas lights to buy in 2022

Posted by December 20th 2022

  Christmas lights are one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, making it pretty disappointing when it comes time to light up and you find your bulbs have fizzled. Whether you’re looking to buy some …

Christmas gifts under $100 from Myer

Posted by December 15th 2022

The joy of giving at Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re tossing up what to put under the tree this festive season, all while sticking to your budget, we’ve rounded up gift …

2021 Christmas & New Year trading hours

Your guide to 2023 Christmas and New Year trading hours

Posted by December 20th 2023

Christmas is almost here and that means it's time to start planning your festive shopping. Whether it's last-minute items you need to pick up on Christmas Eve, such as prawns or a roast chicken, or …

Are you spending too much on meat each week?

How much do Aussies spend on meat at the supermarket

Posted by March 21st 2024

Meat is a costly part of the weekly shop for many Australians. Weighing up cost, cut and type and choosing which supermarket to purchase from can make a real difference when it comes to quality …


Top 10 Kmart Christmas buys in 2022

Posted by December 19th 2022

As Christmas rolls around, you might find yourself a little short on ideas when it comes to your presents. Sure, you’ve got mum, dad, and your partner covered – but what about grandma? Or the …

Domino's Burger Joint pizza range with 4

Burger pizza… Need we say more?

Posted by February 24th 2023

Domino’s is now in the burger business! It’s launched a Burger Joint pizza range complete with famous flavours and toppings. The range includes four burger pizzas to choose from, all available for delivery exclusively via the …

Best Cheap Coffee Machines 2021

The best cheap coffee machines in Australia for 2022

Posted by January 19th 2023

Are you stirring around looking for a budget-friendly coffee machine that will help you make barista-quality cuppas at home? If so, we’ve whipped up a ‘fa-brew-lous’ list of cheap coffee machines worth checking out if …

Maccas Sauces

McDonald’s reveals two new ‘spicy’ dipping sauces!

Posted by March 6th 2023

McDonald’s has revealed the last two limited-edition dipping sauces as part of its ‘Sauces in July’ promotion. Drum roll please… the spicy new flavours include curry and Mighty Hot sauce! Both sauces are now available from …


How to score a FREE large Domino’s pizza

Posted by July 11th 2022

'Appy’ Aussies can score a FREE pizza by just downloading the new Domino’s app. New customers will be eligible for one, free, large pizza on their second order. Now that’s a surprise we wouldn’t mind …


Kmart to launch self-navigating robots in stores by Christmas

Posted by August 17th 2022

Kmart is introducing a whole new type of worker onto the shopping floor in the form of self-navigating robots. The robots, dubbed ‘Tory,’ will be used for stocktake in real-time. Kmart says the inventory counting machines …

New kids’ meal delivery service launches in Australia

Posted by February 23rd 2024

A new children’s meal delivery service − Go! Kidz – just launched in Australia to provide parents some relief from fussy eaters. It offers ready-to-eat meals for youngsters you can get delivered straight to your …

Woolworths to ditch ALL reusable plastic bags for good

Woolworths to ditch ALL reusable plastic bags nationwide

Posted by August 11th 2022

Woolworths will stop selling its 15-cent reusable plastic shopping bags nationwide over the next year. It’s the first supermarket to pledge to remove all plastic shopping bags for good. The reusable plastic shopping bags will be …

Hand holding beard oil bottle

Best Beard Oils Australia

Posted by August 29th 2023

While it may be news to some; the origins of beard oil can be traced back to Ancient Babylon and it has been used throughout history by the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings. So, whether you’re …

How to use Woolworths' Scan&Go

How to use Woolworths’ Scan&Go to save time when shopping

Posted by August 11th 2022

Did you know there’s a much faster way to shop and get through checkout queues at Woolworths?  The Woolies app has a little-known DIY feature − Scan&Go − that allows shoppers to scan grocery barcodes on …